Style focus: the classic and ageless

14 February 2020

So far in our style focus series, we’ve covered our extensive selection of designs ranging from raw but rustic, mid-century modern to quirky creative. In today’s blog post, we explore the beauty and versatility of our signature classic design, and its natural ability to keep an interior looking continually fresh. We also share some of our best-loved classic collections, which have been with us since the very beginning and have stood the test of time!

So what does it mean to have a timeless home? The word ‘timeless’ is defined as being unaffected by the passage of time or changes in style – thus, we recommend steering away from avant-garde designs or pieces that draw from the latest trends, and to instead focus on simple yet sophisticated furniture that naturally will stay relevant throughout the years.

Featured: Kotak dining table | Model U bench | Milo dining chair

Classic furniture often has a clean-lined profile that makes it incredibly versatile and easy to work with. While it’s perfect on its own as a beautiful subtle statement, it can also be used as a base to layer decorative accessories that fit seasonal trends, colours and materials. This is perfectly embodied in our Multiplicity bench crafted from reclaimed solid teak wood, which features a streamlined silhouette, slightly raised back and timeless design that seamlessly works with any interior and decade.

TREE styling tip: Personal taste inevitably changes over time, so we recommend you invest in classic designs for big-ticket, quality pieces like your bed, dining table and sofa. Decorative accessories are a wonderful way to work in bolder patterns and colours, and can be easily swapped out should you wish to give your home a loving refresh or experiment with new trends at minimal cost.

Featured: Multiplicity bench

Indeed, nature never goes out of style, and it’s one of our favourite elements to incorporate in creating a timeless home. Materials such as solid wood, terracotta and stone carry an earthiness that naturally grounds your space, developing individual patinas that add to the character and timelessness of your interior. We love when these elements are paired with a simple, clean-lined silhouette, which allows the beauty of the natural material to speak for itself… as seen in our Husky dining table!

TREE styling tip: Complete your look with neutrals – a colour palette that is synonymous with classic and timeless design! Using a mixture of whites, greys, beiges and the like will create a stunning tone-on-tone effect that’s still prevalently used in today’s realm of home and design. These hues also lend a sense of tranquility to your space, giving way to a sanctuary you can return to after a day in the bustling city.

Featured: Husky dining table | Infinity bench | Lloyd Loom Lily dining chair 

While patterns and colour come and go, texture is guaranteed to last throughout trends. It can be used in virtually every part of your home, and transforms a one-dimensional space into a thoughtfully edited room brimming with visual interest. We especially love when texture is paired with solid wood furniture, as seen on our Decker bed. Varying fabrics of cotton, velvet, embroidery and the like beautifully complement the piece’s naturally stunning wooden grains and tones, creating a lovingly layered look and a sense of warmth and tranquility.

TREE styling tip: A classic interior can be cosy, too! Playing with texture is one of the many ways you can foster the look of a warm and inviting space – in a recent bLOG post, we shared our favourite styling tips to create a cosy nest, which you can read all about here.

Featured: Decker bed

We hope today’s bLOG post has inspired you to bring this incredibly versatile, adaptable and naturally stunning style into your home!