How to create a cosy nest

21 January 2020

January is typically the coldest month of the year for those residing in the Northern Hemisphere, but those frigid temperatures are few and far here in Hong Kong! At most, the city may face a mild temperature drop, but that shouldn’t stop you from embracing a cosy Winter nest. In today’s bLOG post, we share our top warm and cosy ideas to create a homely, inviting space that you'll want to hibernate in all season long.

Add a warm glow with lighting

We love a space that welcomes natural light, but indoor lighting is especially key during the dark Wintery season. Flourescent overhead fixtures are often seen in functional spaces like corporate offices but may come off as too harsh and cold if you’re striving to create a cosy interior. Instead, opt for soft, diffused lighting that can dramatically alter the mood in your abode. Incorporate a mix of table and floor lamps fit for different purposes (such as for reading or to keep by your bedside), scattering them throughout your space to ensure your room is well illuminated.

As for the colour temperature, we like to recommend light bulbs that emit a warm white glow – perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere that promotes rest and relaxation. You’ll often find that warm-toned lighting typically sits between the range of 2700K to 3000K.

TREE styling tip: A lamp crafted from natural materials like wood can add a grounding element that enhances the warmth and cosiness of your space. We love how our cactus-inspired lamp is made from thoughtfully assembled driftwood branches, and projects naturally stunning shadows on the walls when illuminated.

Featured: Cactus table lamp | Vintage bed

Layer on the textures

Layering may be one of the simplest, most effective tricks of the trade to give your home that cosy look and feel. The cooler months offer the perfect time to experiment with sumptuous fabrics like velvets, cottons and silks, which, when paired together, create the look of a toasty interior brimming with texture. There’s no such thing as too many layers – work with a selection of pillows, cushions, bedding and rugs, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and materials!

TREE styling tip: For an additional layer (and an extra touch of cosiness), add a handwoven throw into the mix. This versatile blanket can be styled casually draped at the foot of your bed, neatly folded over your sofa’s armrest, or even by your reading nook, and gives you something to snuggle up in on a chilly Winter evening.

Featured: Light Frame bed | Mozaic open rack | Handwoven throw | Bedding 

Go green (with indoor foliage)

In one of our recent bLOG posts, we talk about how indoor greenery can maximise your productivity, thanks to the calming influence of natural environments. While plants are a beneficial addition to the home office, they also make an equally impactful statement when styled in any other part of your abode. Their vibrant hues, leafy textures and stunning shapes help make a room look warm, cosy and inviting, and injects life into a room by bringing a bit of the outdoors in. Complete the look of your décor with naturally stunning pots or planters, which also enable you to give your chosen greenery some added personality.

TREE styling tip: Working with a variety of plant species can enhance the look of layers in your space. There are so many varieties to choose from, but among our favourites is the ivy for its cascading effect, as well as the spider plant for its low maintenance and wispy ends!

Featured: Terracotta planter with iron stand

Add some underfoot

Our list of our warm and cosy ideas isn’t complete without adding some underfoot! While rugs do work as a literal layer of warmth between your feet and bare floor (which we know isn’t ideal to walk on during the chillier months, especially if you have marble!) they’re also a wonderful way to add textural interest and build a lovingly layered, cosy look.

With so many designs and textiles available in the market, you’re sure to find a piece that’s perfectly suited to your space. If you’re looking to add an earthy, organic element, opt for a rug made from natural fibres like jute and seagrass – durable materials that work especially well for high-traffic areas whilst lending an abundance of texture. Rugs crafted from recycled materials such as PET plastics, rubber tires and discarded denim are also starting to come to the fore, and come in plenty of unique designs ranging from tribal-inspired motifs to contemporary geometric patterns. A sustainably stylish statement indeed!

TREE styling tip: for an extra cosy appearance, consider layering two rugs on top of each other –check out this article from Love Happens Magazine, who give the full low-down on perfecting this art!

Featured: Lazy Time sofa | Window coffee table | Universo Positivo Disc stool | Recycled rug | Cable rope throw

We hope these warm and cosy ideas inspire you to create your perfect sanctuary to hibernate in this Winter season!