time to reflect


let the light in and create the illusion of space with our selection of mirrors, available in an array of sizes and styles to suit your taste and need

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circa17 mirror - rectangular

HK$2,450.00 options available

light frame mirror

HK$6,950.00 options available

sophisticated mirror - rectangular

HK$5,250.00 options available

vintage mirror - rectangular

HK$4,250.00 options available

sophisticated wall mirror - round

HK$4,450.00 options available

vintage mirror - square

HK$2,450.00 options available

utilitile mirror

HK$825.00 HK$1,650.00 options available
I'm 50% off

raw mirror - square

HK$2,212.50 HK$2,950.00
I'm 25% off

solo screen door mirror

HK$2,970.00 HK$4,950.00
I'm 40% off

solo mirror - hexagon

HK$357.00 HK$595.00 options available
I'm 40% off