the perfect partnerships

we've forged lasting bonds with partners who share our passion and principles – they think the way we think and help us turn our vision of beautiful, sustainable living into a reality.

contemporary furniture designed with a vision of naturally beautiful living

our relationship with this Belgium based company sprouted in 2011 and has grown due to their unparalleled creativity, skill and constant thirst to evolve. with a passion for craftmanship, Ethnicraft brings unrivalled sophistication to its collections, working with solid wood as well as experimenting with new materials and techniques to create quality, timeless furniture that last a lifetime.

inspired by nature to create beautiful sustainable furniture

refined, understated and full of soul – we have had a deep appreciation for the approach Karpenter takes to quality, timeless furniture design, a passion shared since 2013. using 100% solid wood, Karpenter champions the mastery of traditional carpentry including intricate wood joinery, while pushing the boundaries in design and technology, bringing out the very best of man and machine.

timeless, uniquely handcrafted furniture design made with nature in mind

a deep appreciation for nature and a passion for reclaimed materials, functional shapes and simple finishes form the basis of many of dBodhi’s furniture collections. by using reclaimed teak wood that is sourced from Indonesian houses, organic materials, as well as traditional Javanese craftsmanship, dBodhi gives these materials a new lease of life. the result is an extensive range of furniture brimming with character – each with a naturally unique story to tell.

Good & Mojo
sustainable lighting with a good cause

founded in 2016, Good & Mojo creates beautifully crafted lighting with natural, renewable materials such as bamboo, linen, recycled tires, jute, recycled glass and cork, ensuring that their products aren’t detrimental to our environment. alongside this, the brand has made a longstanding commitment to supporting those in need and our planet: not only is a tree planted for every light purchased, but it also benefits the Waka Waka Foundation which provides solar lighting to communities tackling energy poverty.

timeless, contemporary furniture woven with exceptional craftsmanship

“classic with a twist” fully encapsulates Vincent Sheppard, established in 1992 and our valued partner since 2011. the brand is renowned for its beautifully crafted indoor and outdoor furniture using the traditional Lloyd Loom technique – where FSC™-certified kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into timeless, naturally unique pieces.

design-led sofas made with passion and innovative design

founded in 2005, Camerich is globally recognised for its design-led furniture made with the utmost quality. each piece embodies contemporary tailoring yet holds a timelessness that transcends trends and seasons. with a meticulous eye for detail, a passion for refined craftsmanship, as well as a curiosity to explore new, innovative techniques, Camerich has built an extensive range of quality, inspirational designs that puts it at the forefront of furniture design.

multifunctional sofa beds to meet your style and need

our partnership with Innovation Living formed in 2014 on the shared belief that functionality, style and comfort can go hand-in-hand. focusing on long-lasting design with a contemporary edge, Innovation Living has created an extensive range of multifunctional sofa beds, beautifully crafted with the newest technology, each with an innovative foam and pocket spring construction to ensure maximum comfort and support.

comfort meets nature for the perfect night's sleep

made with sustainability and health in mind, Heveya’s mattresses and pillows are made from 100% natural organic latex tapped from organically-grown rubber trees free of pesticides and fertilisers, and made without any springs, synthetic foams or glue creating the perfect balance of softness and support.

pioneering sleep innovation

established in 1931, Serta is an American company that prides itself on being a pioneer in comfort. it invests in innovation and technology to offer a wide assortment of mattresses with their core values of comfort, quality and trust, while also including eco-friendly components such as 95% post-industrial recycled steel, natural bamboo and organic cotton.

traditional craftsmanship meets modern design

we're proud to support the locally-based, internationally recognised brand Loveramics, who pays homage to traditional, time-honoured craftsmanship whilst bringing innovation with fresh designs and modern technology. beautifully crafted from natural, raw porcelain, the brand produces high-quality ceramics that is used in homes and commercial spaces alike. Loveramics is also committed to sustainable manufacturing by using local materials from responsible sources, recycling water and reusing surplus heat in other processes.