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over the years, we’ve forged lasting bonds with partners who share our passion and principles – they think the way we think and are pioneers in their field who help us turn our vision of beautiful, sustainable living into a reality.

our relationship with European brand Ethnicraft sprouted in 2011, and has continued to strengthen over the years with our shared passion and dedication to creating sustainable furniture. with its sensitive yet rational approach to material and design, Ethnicraft brings a timeless sophistication to its collections, which can be seen in the furniture’s clean-cut lines and meticulous wood grain work that seamlessly flows throughout each panel. simplicity and functionality are both reflected in each piece, and are a result of the team’s unparalleled creativity and skill, attention to detail, as well as their constant thirst to discover new, innovative techniques in working with solid wood.

for more information, visit www.ethnicraft.com.

often the roots of two trees become entwined and a lifelong partnership is formed. many of our best loved designs have been born of the close bond between TREE and d-Bodhi – we’re proud to have grown together since 2007. our natural synergy is no better illustrated than by our names, which when paired together mean ‘tree of enlightenment’. unafraid to experiment in eco-design, d-Bodhi is committed to traditional handcraftsmanship and exceptional quality. from Javanese houses, old solid wood is reclaimed and given new life through timeless, unique design with a story to tell. TREE and d-Bodhi are a match made in eco-chic heaven.

for more information, visit www.d-bodhi.com.

refined, understated, full of soul – we have a deep appreciation for the approach Karpenter takes to crafting eclectic furniture design. calling on inspiration from nature, culture and modern art and minimising the impact on the environment through the use of solid, recycled FSC™-certified wood, the resulting collections are as stylish as they are sustainable. championing the mastery of traditional carpentry while pushing the boundaries in design concepts and technologies, they bring out the very best of both man and machine. Karpenter’s skill and vision define them as a partner to be proud of.

for more information, visit karpenter.com.

we also love...

our many other partners from all around the globe, who help us bring beautiful eco-design to the homes of Hong Kong and beyond. they continually surprise and amaze us with home delights crafted with love by skilled artisans – the TREE family wouldn’t be complete without them.

thank you to all our wonderful partners, from the

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handcrafted, solid eco-wood furniture, from our heart to your home handcrafted, solid eco-wood furniture, from our heart to your home