sustainability - the lowdown

here at TREE, we’re committed to doing our bit to protect our natural resources, and no more so when it comes to the furniture and finishing touches that we source from around the globe.

we work hard to ensure that each of our eco-wood pieces meets the highest standards of sustainability, so no matter whether you opt for a dining table, bed, desk or storage solution, you can rest assured you’re investing in a naturally stylish piece that’s the real sustainable deal.

from our long-standing partnerships with companies who share the same passion for sustainability, to the materials we carefully select to craft new characterful pieces, our mission at TREE is to provide our customers with designs for their home that are as sustainable as they are beautiful.

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the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC™) is an independent, globally reputed forest certification system who we work closely with, and is one of the many ways we ensure that our vigorous sustainability standards are met. we wholeheartedly support its vision that our current needs for wood products can be met whilst protecting the world’s forests for future generations. look for the globally recognised FSC logo on many of our pieces, in store and online. this indicates that they have been made from wood found in these responsibly managed forests or reclaimed from FSC™-certified sources.


years of TREE planting trees

we've planted


trees - and the numbers are growing!

from the heart, thank you for your ongoing support!

we’re incredibly proud of our long-standing relationship with Trees4Trees, a non-profit foundation in Indonesia committed to empowering local communities through reforestation initiatives and education programs. to date, we have planted over 80,000 trees, and we plant thousands more every year, and are committed to ensuring our number continues to grow. tree planting is one important way in which we give back and keep our natural resources replenished.

map it out! use the widget below to discover where we have planted trees in Indonesia, which most of our eco-wood furniture originates from.


reclaimed wood

reuse and renew is a motto we live by at TREE and no more so than through our reclaimed wood collections. we salvage old wood, from abandoned houses, boats and a myriad of other sources, and breathe new life into it, handcrafting sustainably stylish furniture to be loved again as something new in your home or office. learn more about the origins and characteristics of our beautiful reclaimed wood here.

TREE supports sustainability - our planet is precious, let's protect it!

know your eco!

a quick glossary guide on all the terms you need to know


is when a material has been taken from its original location and repurposed for a new location. minimal changes are made to the original material


is when a material is broken down through machine-processing to make an entirely new product


is the use of natural resources at a steady level, so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged

Hk Awards For Environmental Excellence@2X

our commitment to the environment goes beyond our sustainable products and tree planting initiatives – we also carry out green practices in our shops, office and café in order to reduce sustainability impact where we can.

in 2019, we received a certificate of merit from the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, which encourages businesses and organisations that adopt green management. with our certificate of merit, we were also granted the Hong Kong Green Organisation title.

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