Small space series: styling ideas for a small apartment

23 September 2021

In our previous ‘small space series’ posts, we looked at how our smaller sized furniture works in a two bedroom flat, as well as how some of our versatile collections can be used in multiple ways. Today’s post is all about styling a small apartment, so that you can create a home with a big (design) impact, no matter what sized space you have!

Make a statement

Small space living doesn’t mean you have to steer away from making a big design statement! The key is to opt for a carefully curated selection of furniture and accessories – be it dramatic or pared back in design – which will ensure that your abode looks beautifully decorated and anything but cluttered. We love how a statement piece like our firefly hanging lamp creates a focal point closer to the ceiling, which draws the eyes upward and accentuates the height of your room to make your space look bigger.

Featured: Firefly hanging lamp | Roots shoe cabinet

Create a stylish room divider

Do you live in a studio or flat with a shared living and dining room? Room dividers are one of the most valued tricks of the trade when styling a small apartment, and is a simple trick that helps define two areas without having to construct an entirely new wall. You don’t need to opt for traditional design like a screen door – racks with open shelving can create the effect whilst offering ample space to store books, finishing touches and other belongings.

Featured: M multi rack

Looking for a little more textural interest? A floor lamp made with organically shaped branches (like this piece from our natural lighting collection) is a versatile addition for small space living. Natural materials like wood can make it feel like you’re welcoming the outdoors in, and can instantly imbue warmth into your space. We especially love how these branches look when they’re illuminated, as they cast alluring patterns on your walls and floor to enhance the look of a cosy atmosphere.

Featured: Natural lighting floor lamp 

Define the entryway

It’s easy to feel restricted from creating a stylish entryway when working with limited square footage, but we’re here to tell you that you can still make a big first impression with even the smallest of spaces. Console tables come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit even the narrowest of entryways, and act as a stylish foundation to layer on finishing touches like vases, decorative books, and a catch-all tray for your keys.

Complete your look with a set of oversized mirrors which, contrary to what you might think, can help make a small space look seemingly larger. Not only does a mirror provide a convenient spot for a last minute glance before heading out the door, but it can also amplify light if your entryway is particularly dark. Alternatively, opt for a large artwork of your choice that reflects your unique personality and is sure to make a stunning entrance to welcome guests into your home.

Featured: Sophisticated round mirrors | Recycled glass bud vase | Voyage console table | Teak box with petrified wood lid

Bring in the baskets

When styling a small apartment, storage is paramount, but there is often the challenge of organising your belongings without creating visual clutter. That’s the beauty of baskets: they keep all your bits and bobs neatly tucked away and can be placed anywhere where storage is required. Their natural weave and texture also add warmth to your room, making these pieces a functional and stylish addition to your abode!

Featured: handwoven baskets

Place these baskets into open shelving for a tidy look, or keep them under your bed and console table to add storage in areas that would otherwise be left unused.

Featured: Framework console table | Abaca multi-coloured basket

We hope you enjoyed the last installment of our small space series, and that these styling tips inspire you to find the beauty in small space living! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our previous two bLOG posts on furniture planning for a two-bedroom flat and flexible, multifunctional furniture that work hard for your home.