Small space series: furniture planning for a two-bedroom flat

08 July 2021

Small space styling can be tricky, but creating a look you love can still certainly be achieved. Indeed, it all comes down to selecting the right space-saving furniture that’ll maximise every inch of your home and define your space without compromising on style. In today’s bLOG post, we work with our project team to conceptualise a two-bedroom, compact home floor plan, suited for a busy urbanite working couple who love to entertain.

In this particular flat, we mainly focus on our signature eco-wood collections, whose warm wooden grains help set the tone of a serene space amongst Hong Kong’s bustling metropolis. With the young working couple in mind, who particularly enjoy hosting social gatherings at home, we sought out to create a compact home floor plan with a seamless flow between each area.

For the dining space, we have opted for Circa17 – our cleverly compact collection that plays with proportions to make the most out of even the smallest of spaces. The dining table from this range takes on a space-saving size with a length of 150cm and width of 80cm, and can comfortably seat a party of six. Angled legs add a modern yet playful look, while a drawer underneath offers a convenient place to keep cutlery neatly tucked away and within easy reach. This perfectly proportioned piece also works well when either end is placed against the wall in smaller units.

To complete the look, we’ve paired this dining table with its matching Circa17 upholstered bench, which can be tucked underneath to free up floor space whenever the area isn’t in use. We also selected our mid-century inspired Vintage dining chairs to add variation and create visual interest with a mix of silhouettes. The result is an inviting, thoughtfully curated dining setting that’s perfect for casual get togethers with loved ones.

To create a seamless flow with the dining area, we’ve opted for space-saving furniture pieces from the same Circa17 collection in the living room. We love how the Circa17 bookcase offers versatility with its simple yet visually impactful design, which can be styled on its own or paired with two of its additional configurations for a larger storage and display unit. Here, we decided to place the bookcase on top of the Circa17 TV cabinet for a dynamic, naturally stylish entertainment centre.

A sister collection to our best-loved Amor sofa, Amando packs the same sleek silhouette and gently curved back into a slimmer size – a stylish seat that’s takes up less square footage and is perfect for our compact home floor plan! We’ve paired it here with our mid-century inspired Twist coffee table, whose rounded edges add a softness to the space, as well as our Twenty Twenty side table that’s enhanced with a beveled edge for an elevated look and feel.

Because this unit is designed for young urban professionals, we decided to transform the first room into a home office – a particularly useful space given recent circumstances where work-from-home policies may still be in place. Here, we opted for our contemporary Oscar collection, which is created with a clean, minimalist silhouette and mixed natural materials for an award-worthy design. The desk offers a slim yet generous table surface to work on, while its slimline metal legs ensure that there’s plenty of legroom underneath to stay comfortably seated. Its pared-back design also keeps the overall lightweight appearance of the room – a must when it comes to fitting out a petite but chic home!

If additional storage is required for your workspace, fret not – the Oscar desk comes with a matching storage box on wheels that can be perfectly tucked underneath so that it doesn’t take up any more precious real estate. Whether you opt for our storage box with a soft-closing drawer and geometric shelving, or our design with three drawers, it’s the perfect desk companion to keep files, books and other home office essentials conveniently within reach.

Please note that, while our Oscar desk is paired with a stool in our stylised image, this can also be paired with an upholstered seat such as our Waltz Plus dining chair. Our image also features a set of wall shelves which can be added if not looking out at a view as with our floor plan.

Sitting on the opposite end of the room is the collection’s rack, with open spaces that can be used to display your favourite finishing touches, as well as sliding doors to keep other files and documents out of sight. Each Oscar piece also features hand carved grooves on its doors for added texture and dimension.

The second room in this unit has been transformed into a simple yet stylish sleeping sanctuary, with the furniture’s warm wooden tones adding to the overall feel of this tranquil oasis. We stripped it back to the essentials – a bed frame, bedside tables and wardrobe – to maintain a spacious, clutter-free space that helps the busy urbanite couple destress when living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong. Our clean-lined Circa17 bed comes with four soft-closing drawers cleverly integrated underneath, tapping into otherwise unused space whilst providing ample storage to keep extra linens and clothes.

While we opted for two matching side tables on each side, our space-saving furniture piece also comes with wood panels on each side of the bed frame, which can be lifted and locked into place to create a slim yet sturdy table surface. This creates additional room if bedside tables are not needed.

We hope this bLOG shows you that, with the right space-saving furniture, you can still make your petite but chic space feel larger than it really is! We offer an extensive range of cleverly compact furniture pieces, which you can discover in-store or online. For more inspiration, check out some of our other bLOG posts on small space living:

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