Home tour: small on space, big on style

05 August 2019

Space certainly comes as a luxury in Hong Kong, but a smaller square footage doesn’t necessarily have to restrict your creativity and style when furnishing your abode. In the second instalment of our home tour series, we’ll take you around a two-bedroom show flat in Kennedy Town, where we employed some of our favourite tips and tricks to create a petite but chic home.

During the design process, we considered how the apartment will fit with its home viewer, incorporating pieces that not only will create an uncluttered look with an effortless flow through each room, but also inspires the resident to imagine how their belongings will fit into the space for an added personal touch.

The flat offers a fresh and airy interior evoking a sense of calm and serenity, which we wanted to enhance through a selection of eco-wood furniture. With the modernist in mind, we opted for our clean-lined teak furniture, along with a reclaimed teak wood side stool and driftwood lamp to add individuality and visual texture to the room. these wooden pieces also feature natural variances and lovingly weathered surfaces, reflecting the philosophy of wabi sabi that encourages us to embrace imperfections and the authenticity of age.

With space at a premium, we incorporated compact designs that worked proportionally well with the room. A side table can double up as a perfectly petite, naturally stylish coffee table – we love how our Naomi side table features a striking, multi-functional design, with a convenient slot to store magazines and newspapers for a clutter-free surface.

Featured: Turner sofa | Naomi side table

Thanks to its floor-to ceiling windows, this flat is beautifully lit with an abundance of natural light. In order to maximise its effect, we opted for a floor-length mirror strategically placed in front of the hallway, which instantly creates the illusion of depth while illuminating the rest of this home. Its frame is crafted from solid eco-teak, whose warm wooden grains match the rest of the furniture for a cohesive look and feel.

Featured: Light frame mirror

A sofa bed is a small home is essential in our books, as it gives your room the option to transform into a second bedroom whenever you have loved ones staying over. With incredible views overlooking the expansive vista, we positioned our sofa bed where future residents and guests could enjoy the landscape as they wind down and relax. Here, we went with our All You Need sofa bed, which features a foam and pocket spring mattress that offers the same comfort and support as a bed would, as well as an easily accessible, spacious storage box to keep extra bed linens for guests. It also comes with an adjustable triangular back cushion, which can be positioned to any part of the seat to suit your lounging and hosting needs.

Featured: All you need sofa bed

For the bedroom, we selected a low-profile bed frame and bedside table in warm solid teak, which instantly creates the appearance of a seemingly bigger room. This leaves an abundance of white space above the bed that can either be left as is for a pared-down look, or filled with graphic wallpaper or a piece of wall art of your choice. We opted for the latter with a striking abstract canvas painting, which will naturally draw the eyes upward and emphasise the height of the room. Soft furnishings in soft neutral tones complete this look, creating a calm ambience fit for a bedroom sanctuary.

Featured: Vintage bed | Twist bedside table

We hope this home tour has inspired you to infuse your small space with big style!

This Kennedy Town show flat was designed by TREE’s in-house styling team. Moving into a new home, or working on a design or commercial project? Get in touch with us for a complimentary initial consultation, and let us help turn your design vision into a reality.