How to maximise your workspace productivity for the New Year

09 January 2020

Stepping into 2020 is all about starting afresh, setting new goals and reaching new achievements. There’s so much to look forward to, and what better way to kickstart the new year (and indeed decade!) than with a clean, inspirational workspace that entices you to stay and enjoy being at your desk! Whether you’re working a nine-to-five job or complete your tasks from the comfort of your home office, we share with you our top workspace furniture ideas that’ll enable you to have a productive 2020 and beyond.

Look for furniture that works for you

For many of us, much of the workday is spent sitting down, so it’s no surprise that comfort plays a large role in productivity and efficiency levels. As you look for pieces to incorporate into your space, you’ll want to consider how each piece meets your working habits and preferences. Do you prefer a stationary or swivel chair? Upholstered or wooden? As for desks, do you work with a lot of spreadsheets and paperwork that require more desk space, or do you mainly work from your computer?

While these are all factors you will want to take into consideration, there are a few rules of thumb that may guide you in creating your perfect workspace. Look for chairs that enable you to have both feet flat on the floor, as well as a desk with a height where you can keep your wrists comfortably rested atop. Designs with armrests will also keep your arms in a neutral position that can prevent chronic upper back pain. The armrests should also be level with your desk, which allows you to keep your arms parallel to the floor and maintain that neutral position.

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Let there be light

The right furniture certainly plays a factor in creating your perfect workspace, but it is also important to consider the physical environment and conditions. We suggest looking for a spot in your office or home office that offers plenty of natural light, as research shows that this significantly improves health and well-being. In a report from Harvard Business Review, studies found that those who worked in daylight office environments reported a 51% drop in eyestrains, 63% drop in headaches and 56% reduction in drowsiness.

While natural light can increase productivity, we still recommend incorporating a selection of indoor lighting, which ensures your workspace is properly illuminated when the weather is a little overcast or when you need to work throughout the evening. Pendant lamps are a chic yet effective option, as they provide light directly from the ceiling to your desk whilst maintaining a consistent mood throughout the day. Meanwhile, a table lamp enables you to have more control over your lighting as it highlights a specific area of your workspace. Plus, its design is sure to give your desk some added flair and personality!

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Keep it clean and uncluttered

They say a tidy desk is a tidy mind: whether you have years of paperwork piled up in your home office or have used your desk as a dumping ground for miscellaneous bits and bobs, studies show that clutter creates a ton of visual stimulation that can distract you from what’s at task. Disorganisation also increases the chances of misplacing files and can in turn impede your productivity as you spend time looking for what you need.

With a new year to start afresh, we encourage you to take a moment to clear-out your workspace, eliminating any documents you no longer need and making sure each one of your belongings are properly stored away. We love a design with ample storage, as seen in our Hemingway desk: with multiple drawers underneath to keep books and paperwork, alongside compartments on top for stationery and desk accessories, you’ll be able to maintain a clean table top void of distractions and keep clutter at bay.

Featured: Hemingway desk | Twist dining chair

If a desk with compartments isn’t enough to store all your paperwork, consider investing in a solid wood rack or bookcase. We’re banishing the myth that storage has to be sterile – there are a plethora of naturally stylish options available in the market that’s sure to elevate your space whilst keeping your belongings in order. Opt for a design with geometric shelving, which adds visual interest and enables you to stylishly store your books and files. Incorporating some of your favourite finishing touches will also make your rack look less of a storage unit and more like a chic display, with plenty of curiosities to spark creativity as you work.

Racks and bookcases also offer a smart solution if your desk is located in your lounge or bedroom. Having extra storage will allow you to maintain a clean, clutter-free tabletop and area, which is especially important in a space that’s primarily used to rest and unwind.

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Add some greenery

Did you know? While indoor foliage can liven up your workspace, its benefits extend far beyond its aesthetic. Studies suggest that greenery can reduce stress, increase memory retention and improve concentration levels, which can be attributed to the calming influence of natural environments. Plants can also purify air quality and breathe life back into a space (literally) through photosynthesis, which converts the carbon dioxide we emit into oxygen.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, fret not – there are many plant varieties that require little maintenance, enabling you to keep your green companion by your desk without having to worry about its survival. Succulents like cacti and jade plants only need to be watered once a week (or whenever the soil is dry) and can thrive even under artificial light sources. Spider plants are another excellent option for the office as they require indirect light, prefer to dry out completely between watering, and even add a little textural interest!

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Creating an office space that is clean, comfortable, organised and pleasant can really change the ambience, as well as make a difference to your work performance and mood. We hope these workspace furniture ideas and styling tips inspire you to perfect your desk setup or home office, so that you can maximise your productivity and kick start the new year with a bang!