Home styling ideas to update your apartment rental

26 March 2021

There’s nothing quite like moving into a new apartment: the exhilarating feeling of starting afresh and creating a space that is naturally yours. However, this is all easier said than done, particularly when you’re working with a rental that restricts extensive cosmetic upgrades. In today’s bLOG post, we share some home styling ideas on how to update your apartment, making it look less temporary and more of a space that you can truly call home – no matter how long you reside there. Indeed, there’s a way to give it a loving refresh without breaking your lease (or the bank)!

First thing’s first! Check with your landlord what is and isn’t allowed in your apartment rental, so that you don’t have to worry about whether your changes will come at a cost of reinstatement.

Update your light bulbs and fixtures

Does your apartment rental come with a light fixture that doesn’t quite suit your aesthetic? Lighting plays an integral role in setting the tone of your home, and luckily these home accessories can be easily swapped out with a design of your choice. Just be sure to keep the original fixture so that you can re-install it when you move out!

A ceiling lamp that is made from rattan can bring a natural, warm and relaxed appearance to your room, and immediately draws the eyes upward with its striking contemporary design. Consider adding two or more lamps at varying lengths, which can create a layered look whilst adding to the space’s inviting glow.

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Set areas within your home

One home styling idea to consider when dealing with an open floor plan is to incorporate pieces that help define different areas within your room, which can help make your home feel more complete. A beautifully woven rug can help visually distinguish your living room from your dining area (or home office!) whilst adding texture and comfort underfoot.

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An open or multi rack can also double as a chic room divider to separate a shared space without blocking the flow of natural light, leaving you with the look of a light and airy home. With ample shelving, you’ll also have plenty of space to display indoor greenery and your favourite finishing touches so that you can give your apartment rental that homely and lived-in feel.

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Give your walls a refresh

When moving into an apartment rental, you’ll most likely find that your unit is painted in a standard white hue. We recommend giving your home a fresh layer of paint, whether it is in a different shade of white that better suits your style, or a vibrant tone on key walls to translate a desired mood or make a statement. Your space is a blank canvas, so it’s crucial that you start with the right foundations to build and layer upon!

If painting isn’t an option, you can also get creative with patterned, peel-and-stick wallpaper that can be easily removed at the end of your lease. Wallpaper is an affordable, simple way to give your home a loving refresh as well as add some of your individual personality.

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Create the look of a built-in, customised storage

For an apartment that lacks storage space and architectural interest, consider adding a customisable storage solution. Our Out of the Box range comes in an array of modules that can be mixed and matched, creating an end result that perfectly suits your unique space. Thanks to its incredibly flexible design, it can also be easily taken apart should you decamp to a new neighbourhood or city. For maximum impact (and functionality), opt for a floor-to-ceiling design that mimics the look of a built-in, and gives you plenty of shelves to store and style your belongings!

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We hope these home styling ideas help and inspire you as you give your apartment rental a naturally stylish update!