The beauty of solid wood

18 March 2022

It’s World Wood Day and the International Day of Forests on March 21st – two environmental observations that aim to raise awareness of wood and the role that it plays in our ecosystem (and why it sits close to our hearts at TREE). In celebration, TREE is focusing its attention on its longstanding partner, Karpenter, whose extensive range of exceptionally crafted, 100% solid wood furniture are made responsibly and with respect to the environment.

Inspired by nature

Karpenter places an emphasis on creating furniture that has the lowest impact on the environment. The brand works solely with 100% solid eco-wood including FSC™-certified recycled teak, as well as oak that is sustainably sourced from well-managed forests in the United States. Its commitment to natural, low-impact materials, combined with impeccable designs, give way to quality, eco-conscious and sustainable furniture that will live through the decades. By using low-waste materials, Karpenter has created a holistic approach that reduces its footprint and, in turn, protects our planet. Indeed, it was inevitable for us to form a longstanding partnership with them over the last decade!

Driven by design

All of Karpenter’s solid wood furniture designs are created by its in-house French designer, Hugues Revuelta, who draws inspiration from his passion for naturalness and organic materials. When designing each collection, Hugues strives to create nature-inspired pieces that still express a modern taste. Most importantly, each piece is created using raw materials that are environmentally friendly and with respect to the planet.

Karpenter’s in-house designer, Hugues Revuelta

Exquisite craftsmanship, unparalleled design

TREE has a deep appreciation for the approach Karpenter takes to crafting timeless yet playful and innovative designs. Its collections call on inspiration from nature, culture and modern art, from the fine lines of Scandinavian minimalism to the understated nature of Japanese design. Despite Karpenter’s eclectic designs, the brand has created each piece to stand the test of time and ever-evolving trends so that it can last you for many years to come. Indeed, while aesthetics are an integral component to each piece, Karpenter also places an equal emphasis on comfort, proving that form can indeed meet function.

Beauty in the details

Championing the mastery and exceptional attention to detail of traditional carpentry while pushing the boundaries in design concepts and technologies, Karpenter brings out the very best of both man and machine. Each sustainable furniture piece carries a unique fingerprint, with natural variations in its wood grain that make it truly one of a kind. The beauty isn’t just seen in the wood, but in the details too: wood-on-wood joinery techniques such as dovetails, mortises and tenons are incorporated into each piece, creating an unbreakable bond and exceptional stability.

Dovetail joinery technique

Take a look below at some of our naturally stylish, beautifully crafted solid wood furniture collections, designed by Karpenter especially for you!

Out east

East takes design elements from classic oriental furniture and reinterprets it in contemporary fashion. Its smooth and elegant angled legs add a delicateness and airy appearance to each piece. The collection’s desk features a compact size that makes this piece the perfect home office set up for petite but chic homes. An optional, neatly fitting rack sits on top, offering additional space to store stationery and other home office essentials.

Featured: East desk with rack


A firm favourite here at TREE, Vintage draws from the best of a bygone era, with its clean-lined designs that echo 1950’s and 60’s charisma. Our mid-century modern inspired desk features a sleek silhouette that’s sure to make a timeless statement in your space, with plenty of legroom underneath to stay comfortably seated. Pair it with the collection’s matching bench and dining chairs for the complete look.

Featured: Vintage dining table | Vintage dining chair | Vintage bench

Cool, compact circa

Our Circa17 collection plays with proportions and makes the most out of the smallest of spaces. Each piece in this cleverly compact range features a clean design, enabling you to line pieces up against vertical surfaces to maximise floor space.

Featured: Circa17 bed

Modern with a twist

Inspired by the traditional Chinese console table, Twenty Twenty is our collection of modern tables with a touch of Asian soul, with clean lines and a beveled edge for a lifted appearance. They’re available in square and rectangular options, as well as in a choice of sizes, so that you can find a piece that perfectly fits your space.

Featured: Twenty twenty dining table | Experience dining armchair

We hope today’s bLOG post gives you some insight into the creativity, craftsmanship and sustainable practices that are put into each of Karpenter’s naturally stylish, solid wood furniture collections!