How to prep for hosting once again

19 May 2022

Hong Kong, rejoice! The city is finally opening up, and so we can bid farewell to zoom calls and welcome real life, face-to-face interactions with loved ones. With restrictions keeping gatherings to a minimum, hosting dinner may feel like a distant memory. Fret not – we’ve pulled together a quick refresher on how to get your home prepped and primed so that you’ll be ready for all your future gatherings.

Clear the table

This year, we saw multipurpose spaces become a trend as a response to the pandemic. While we do love flexible furniture that works hard for you (such as a dining table that doubles as a workspace), it’s also important to designate spaces so that boundaries aren’t blurred, thereby maintaining a good work-life balance. For those whose are returning to the office, we recommend reclaiming your dining table so that it’s clutter-free and ready for any upcoming soirees you have. However, if you’re still working partially from home, consider packing your office essentials away into a basket or storage solution so that you can create a stress-free zone for dinner time.

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A table that’s just right

On the hunt for a new dining table? Before hitting the shops, we recommend identifying how many people you’ll have over, and how often, so that you can find a piece that best suits your space and lifestyle. Round dining tables are an excellent choice as they’re conducive to conversation, while extendable dining tables offer flexibility (when needed) if you host large and intimate gatherings alike. Our Bok dining table in sustainably sourced solid oak comes in a round option with a cleverly hidden extension, enabling you have the best of both in one sleek and sophisticated design! Complete your dinner set with dining chairs of your choice ­– either in the same design for a classic look, or in a variety of styles for a more relaxed, eclectic feel.

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Layer on the finishing touches

Home accessories are one of the simplest ways to elevate your dining space. Handcrafted wooden dinner plates, platters and bowls can create an aesthetic tablescape in an instant, while a handcrafted vase with fresh flowers or a fruit bowl can double as a naturally stunning centrepiece. It’s not just about what’s on the table, but what’s around it too: consider adding a rug underneath to define the area, or hanging shelves or art of your choice to adorn walls. Together, these additions can create a lovingly layered look and enhance the overall appearance of your dining setting.

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Create a warm ambience

Creating the right ambience is crucial to hosting any dinner gathering. Tealight candles are an effective way to set the scene and give your setting an ambient glow – they fit snugly into our recycled glass candle holders, which come in an array of colours to add vibrancy to your space. Rattan lanterns are another naturally stunning alternative, and feature an open lattice weave that allows plenty of light to escape, creating shadows and visual interest onto surrounding surfaces While we do love the soft, diffused glow from candles and lanterns, we also recommend having a mix of floor and table lamps dotted around your space, as this gives you more flexibility to adjust the brightness of the room as needed.

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Raise the bar

For the host with the most, a fully stocked mini bar is a must so that you're always prepared for any impromptu gatherings at home. Be sure to keep an assortment of wines and spirits on hand for your guests to choose from, as well as drinkware and bar essentials that you need to create their favourite tipple. We love how our Koppar mini bar keeps your collection neatly housed in its Art Deco inspired design – an ultra-chic setup that is sure to elevate cocktail hour.

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Be my guest!

Have a friend or family member crashing for the night? Sofa beds can create an instant guest room whenever you need it. Our Salla sofa bed boasts gentle curves and generously filled seating, with large back cushions that provide extended comfort for sitting, lounging and sleeping. It converts from sofa to sleeper with incredible ease, and comes with ample storage hidden underneath to keep bed linens and pillows out of sight when not needed.

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While we do hope that you find these tips helpful as you prepare to welcome guests to your home again, our top tip is to have fun now that you can finally reunite with your loved ones!