How to create an inviting (and functional) entryway

13 November 2020

While the entryway is undoubtedly one of the most important areas (as it’s the first thing you see), oftentimes it is left as an afterthought. However, with a few simple additions, you’ll be sure to transform your entrance into an inviting, impressionable and functional space. Read on below for some of our favourite entryway furniture pieces!

Bench players

Top on our list of entryway furniture essentials is the bench, which offers a stylish yet practical seat for you and guests to put shoes on or kick them off. Often with slimline silhouette (and available in an array of lengths and depths), the bench sits perfectly alongside your wall so that you don’t have to compromise on valuable space. We love how our spindle bench features clean-lined spokes, gently tapered legs and rounded edges that add a softness to the overall look and feel.

TREE styling tip: If you’re in need of some extra storage but are working with tight square footage, consider tucking handwoven baskets under your bench. This will allow you to keep shoehorns, Winter accessories and other bits and bobs neatly tucked away, as well as tap into this otherwise unused space. The natural fibres on these woven wonders also lend plenty of warmth and textural interest – perfect for creating an inviting entryway!

Featured: Spindle bench

If the shoe fits

For most Hong Kong residents, it’s typically customary to take shoes off before entering their home, but this often results in a mountain of footwear and in turn a trip-hazard zone. Cue the shoe cabinet: the perfect entryway furniture piece to keep every pair out of sight and away from your front door. With so many designs available in the market, you’ll be sure to find an option that enhances efficiency in your entryway whilst letting your personal style shine. Our roots collection crafted from sustainably sourced solid European oak features clean, minimalist lines paired with exposed rattan door panels for the perfect blend of timeless and up-to-date style.

TREE styling tip: When shopping for shoe cabinets, consider looking for a piece with ventilation holes in the back to give your footwear some much-needed breathing space!

Featured: Roots shoe cabinet | Vivian plant stand | Mirror

On the floor

A rug is a simple and effective addition to enhance your entryway and really sets the tone for the rest of your abode. It offers a tactile finish that can warm and soften up your space in an instant, and works as a quick yet economical solution to covering unfavorable floorboards or tiles should you live in a rental.

TREE styling tip: as a space with relatively high traffic, consider an option woven from natural fibres like jute and seagrass, which have hardwearing properties that make it perfect for an area you’re often passing through. We also like to suggest a low-pile rug, which reduces the risk of tripping and allows for easy cleaning.

Featured: Vintage shoe cabinet | Vintage bench | Sophisticated wall shelves | Rug 

Table talk

The console table is a versatile addition that can be used to anchor a sofa in the middle of your living room, fill up empty hallways, and of course, as a stylish focal point in your entryway. Indeed, the console table offers a convenient spot to stow keys, mail and change, but it also acts as a naturally stunning foundation to layer on your favourite finishing touches.

TREE styling tip: It is easy to let your table become a dumping ground of sorts, but clutter and chaos is the last thing you’d want to be greeted with after a long day. Items by your console table should be placed with intention: we like to pare it back with a functional tray to corral your daily essentials, a decorative wall piece for a style statement, and even perhaps some greenery for a touch of nature (particularly succulents that thrive in shade). You can also opt for a design with an integrated drawer if you do require a little extra storage!

Featured: Rise console table

We hope these entryway furniture pieces inspire you to create a naturally stylish and memorable space that welcomes you (and your guests) home sweet home!