How to create a space you’ll actually want to work in

15 August 2023

After a much-needed Summer holiday, getting back into work can be a challenging feat (we've all been there!), but having a workspace that's stylish yet conducive to productivity can make a powerful difference. In today's bLOG post, we share all our favourite styling tips for a beautifully styled and organised home office, so that you have an inspirational space that you'll actually want to work in.

Choose a stunning hero piece

As the focal point of your workspace, it’s important to look for a desk that truly inspires you and brings you joy. At TREE, we’re delighted to offer plenty of styles to choose from, which are all made of quality, solid eco-wood that’ll stand the test of time. From solid reclaimed teak pieces paired with iron detailing for a rustic industrial flair, to designs with sharp angles and tapered legs that lend a mid-century modern appeal – there’s sure to be a dutiful desk that speaks to you.

Alongside aesthetics, you’ll also want to think about how your desk of choice (and chair!) meet your working habits and preferences. Do you work with a lot of spreadsheets and paperwork that require more desk space, or do you mainly work from your computer? Do you prefer sitting on a stationary, swivel, upholstered or wooden chair? These are all factors to consider as you build your perfect workspace.

Hemingway desk, solid eco-wood furniture

Featured: Hemingway desk, Angles dining chair

Rack it up!

Although already a given for many, we can’t stress the importance of having practical storage, which will enable you to maintain a workspace devoid of clutter and chaos. We’re proud to offer an abundance of storage designs and options ranging from raw-and-rustic to clean-and-contemporary, and from classic bookracks to designs with geometric shelving.

Oscar rack, solid eco-wood furniture

Featured: Oscar rack

Bring in the baskets

If you’re looking for a way to make your belongings look a little more streamlined, consider working in baskets. Not only do they serve a practical purpose of keeping your items in check, but they also add plenty of warmth, visual interest and character to your storage solutions. Take your pick from an array of colours, sizes and shapes from our extensive selection!

Handwoven baskets

Featured: Handwoven baskets

Get creative with your shelves

While shelves provide a simple, practical way to store your odds and ends, it also offers an opportunity for you to showcase your favourite literature and finishing touches that truly reflect your personality. Books are anything but boring, and can be styled in a multitude of ways to striking effect. Consider displaying your favourite literature in between a pair of stylish bookends to keep them upright, or leaving a little space between your books so they can lean on each other for a more laidback look and feel. You could also stack your books vertically and horizontally to create visual interest!

Take your shelves to the next level by incorporating some indoor greenery: not only does it add colour and texture, but it also brings a wealth of physiological benefits to boosting your productivity, creativity and focus as you work.

PI bookends, solid eco-wood furniture

Featured: PI bookends (Photo courtesy of Ethnicraft)

Go towards the light

Ample light is a non-negotiable when it comes to creating a productive workspace. Not only does it help with our focus, creativity and efficiency, but it also keeps our body clocks regulated, thereby enhancing alertness and cognitive function. Natural light in particular can have a transformative effect, creating an open, inviting appearance as well as a feeling of being connected to nature. To fully maximise the benefits of natural light, we suggest setting up your workspace close to a window. However, if this isn’t an option, be sure to keep your workspace properly illuminated throughout your work day. Layer your lighting by using a mixture of pendant, floor and table lamps: not only does this give you the flexibility to adjust the brightness of your space as needed, but it also creates subtle contrasts and dimension between each light fixture, giving way to a warm, calm ambience

Wave desk, solid eco-wood furniture
Oscar desk, solid eco-wood furniture

Featured: Wave desk, Pebble dining chair | Oscar desk, Oscar storage box, Anders dining chair (Photo courtesy of Ethnicraft)

Make it personal

Long gone are the days of dull, sterile workspaces; much like any other part of your home, your workspace should reflect your unique personality! From hanging prints that speak to you and bring you joy, adding little momentos from your travels on your table top, to using your favourite coffee mug as you work; these meaningful additions are a quick and easy way to bring your workspace to life and make it truly feel like your own.

Wave desk, solid eco-wood furniture

Featured: Wave desk (Photo courtesy of Ethnicraft)

Work the walls

If you’re working with limited space, fret not ­– you can still create a stylish and inspirational space, no matter how small your square footage is. In this case, we always recommend to go vertical, as utilising your wall space will allow you to free up your floor for a more open look and feel. We love our Simply City hanging desk for this very reason – its leg-free design and hanging mechanism create an airy appearance, while a soft-closing drawer and compact shelves provide plenty of space to keep your stationery and books.

We’re also smitten with the idea of a cork board wall – a DIY project that’s as practical as it is stylish. From pinning up important reminders to displaying some of your favourite artwork, this easy addition will let your personality shine through!

Simply City hanging desk, solid eco-wood furniture

Featured: Simply City hanging desk

Create a relaxation spot

We all need a quick break to collect ourselves and regain our focus – especially on our busiest days. Studies have found that small breaks can help increase productvitiy and your well-being, enabling you to focus on what’s at task. If you have a little extra space to work with, consider turning that empty corner into a chic, cosy relaxation spot ­– perfect for enjoying a quick read, meditation, or even a power nap to help you feel refreshed.

Ultimate player bean bag

Featured: Ultimate Player bean bag

Indeed, long gone are the days where workspaces were known to be sterile. We hope some of these styling ideas help you create a beautifully styled set up that inspires creativity, boosts productivity, and most importantly, brings you joy!