How to create a family-friendly home

19 November 2021

As a parent, creating a space where your little one can safely roam around is top priority, but this often comes with the notion that personal style has to be compromised. In today's bLOG, we cover different furniture pieces to consider when creating a beautifully styled, family-friendly home.

Cut the corners

With your little one roaming around during playtime, the last thing you would want is for them to run into a sharp corner and seriously injure themselves. While corner bumpers offer a simple way to child proof your home, they are certainly to the detriment of a stylish setting! Why not look instead for furniture with rounded edges? Our Twist collection (available in FSC™-certified solid teak and sustainably sourced solid oak) gives classic, Scandinavian mid-century design a fresh update, and features compact sizes and rounded edges that makes it a wonderful, naturally stylish choice for a family-friendly home. This design element is seen across the entire Twist collection – so whether you opt for our dining table, benches or chairs, you can rest assured you’ll have a naturally stylish setup without having to sacrifice safety.

Featured: Twist dining table | Twist dining chair

Use baskets as stylish storage

It’s no secret that clutter is inevitable when you have a home with kids! With so many books, puzzles, games and stationery to help your child learn, play and grow (as well as so many items for school, outdoor play and activities), storage solutions are essential to keeping their belongings neatly tucked away, thereby ensuring that your home is kept in tip-top order. Handwoven baskets made from natural fibres offer a naturally stylish option to corral the clutter while adding visual intrigue and texture to your living space. We offer an extensive range of sizes and styles to choose from – our elephant basket and colourful baskets in particular put the ‘fun’ in functional storage, and are designs that your little ones will also love. It’s never too early to teach kids the importance of tidying, and these playful yet practical pieces are sure to make cleaning a fun activity!

Featured: Handwoven baskets

Featured: Rattan elephant laundry basket

Opt for modular furniture

One of our must-haves for creating a family-friendly home is flexible furniture that can be adjusted to meet every occasion and need. Our Jacques collection has six different configurations that you can play with to create an entirely customised sofa. Pull the pieces apart to open up your floor space for playtime, or push them together for a cosy spot to enjoy family movie nights, or re-arrange the pieces to create the perfect setting for intimate gatherings with loved ones. The best part about modular furniture is that, it can adapt and grow with your household!

Want to learn more about our Jacques? Click here to learn more about Jacques Deneef (who created our aptly named, ever-loved sofa), as well as the process that went behind creating this beautiful collection.

Featured: Jacques collection | Rise rack

Consider multifunctional pieces

Aside from modular pieces, look for double-duty pieces that will work hard for your home. We love how traditional poufs offer so much utility to any space, and can be easily moved around to provide additional seating where it’s needed. Our Pyramid pouf is the ultimate in flexible furniture design, and can be used as back rest, foot rest, stool or even as a table (the perfect height for little ones)! With its playful design, as well as removeable covers for easy cleaning, Pyramid is surely to be enjoyed by parents and kids alike. They’re available in a selection of colours so that each member of the family can have their own!

Featured: Pyramid pouf

Our Pure and Simple bed is another timeless piece that can grow with your little one through their tween and teenage years, and be updated with smaller decorative accessories to suit their ever-evolving style. Beautifully crafted from sustainably sourced solid oak, it also comes with the option to add underbed drawers that’s perfect for keeping toys, clothes as well as other bits and bobs. Alternatively, if your child loves to have friends over for sleepovers, opt for the collection’s trundle bed!

Featured: Pure and Simple bed | Pure and Simple underbed drawers

We hope these styling tricks have shown you that creating a beautifully styled space and a family-friendly home aren’t mutually exclusive. Indeed, with so many design-led pieces to choose from (many of which you’ll find at TREE!), you’ll be sure to create a functional home that still reflects your individuality.