Home tour: a blue-inspired, tranquil abode

10 August 2022

In today’s home tour, we take you around a four-bedroom show flat at the luxurious residential development, Maya by Nouvelle, which draws inspiration from its surrounding waters to create an abode where residents can truly relax and unwind.

With Maya meaning ‘water’ in Hebrew, we wanted to design a space that pays homage to blue – a colour known for its unmistakably calming yet dramatic effects and is indeed one of Mother Nature’s favourite shades, found everywhere from the morning and evening skies to stormy ocean waters. A selection of accessories in aquamarine, indigo, teal, cobalt and the like are placed throughout the flat, giving way to a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The dining and living spaces share an open plan, giving them a weightless appeal that invites plenty of natural light in. A spectrum of blues is used generously throughout each setting, echoing the colours of the scenic sky and sea views that can be enjoyed from the unit. Soft furnishings such as our notting L-shape sofa, rug and banquet dining chairs bear a sophisticated shade of grey that reflect the shimmers of the sea. We paired these pieces with wood furniture in solid reclaimed teak – such as our Nordic-inspired wave TV cabinet and statement-making circle dining table – whose warm wooden grains create a balance with the cooler tones whilst adding a grounded and cosy feel.

Featured: Notting L-shape sofa | Whitebird coffee table | Terra glow Andes floor lamp

Maya also means ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit, and we were immediately drawn to the idea of incorporating our own play on perception into the dining room. The impactful illusion of this wall painting, which also repeats the stunning vista beyond the windows, is a wall within a wall. Meanwhile, the painted corner mirrors the shape of a window, which gives another view at the opposite side of the room and instantly elongates and expands the space.

Featured: Circle dining table | Banquet dining chairs

The guest bedroom draws inspiration from all over the globe, giving way to a space brimming with international cultures. Without leaving home, this room takes you on a voyage from Africa to Bali, with pieces that are eye-catching on their own but together create the look of a well-seasoned traveller. African tribal motifs beautifully pair with Oriental-style patterns, while the bright, vibrant colours of Mexico contrast against the romantic ornate Moroccan fabrics. It is a happy collision of global influences that complement our simply city ladder shelves in sustainably sourced solid oak, with long lean limbs that naturally elongate the room and make use of every inch of space. Our minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired sofa bed sits along the other side of the room, and offers the perfect space to rest, relax and enjoy your favourite read whilst providing plenty of storage.

Featured: All you need sofa bed | Simply city ladder with open shelves

The study room was designed around functionality and practicality and offers a space that is conducive to productivity. The light and creamy tones of our sustainably sourced solid oak wood furniture help create a calm environment perfect for focusing at what’s at task, while slimline black metal legs provide plenty of legroom underneath. A set of sophisticated oak wall shelves sit along the wall to maximise vertical space, provide a chic spot to store books and files, and create visual interest in this inspirational space perfect for working from home. A wall painted with asymmetric shapes and dynamic lines complete the look whilst adding a modern feature to this small but stylish – and productive – space.

Featured: Universo Positivo clip wall shelf | Whitebird desk | Universo Positivo disc stool

Another bedroom was created with a tween in mind, with timeless solid oak wood furniture that can grow with her through her teenage years and be updated with smaller decorative accessories to suit her ever-evolving style and interests. Our Circa17 bed features a fabric headboard perfect for leaning against during weekend lounges, while soft-closing drawers are cleverly integrated underneath and offer ample space to keep wardrobe essentials. Wooden panels on each side of the bed frame can also be lifted and locked into place for a slim yet sturdy bedside table. Sitting along the opposite wall lies our Sophisticated multi rack, with geometric shelving perfect for stylishly storing books and other belongings. Powder pinks are used in the soft furnishings and painted wall – a sublime colour palette that holds endless appeal. To maximise the functionality of the room, we also added a seat cushion along the window sill, providing a cosy spot for the tween to enjoy a book and unrivalled views of the harbour.

Featured: Circa17 bed | M multi rack

Last but certainly not least is the master bedroom, which is styled in a selection of yellows and golds that reflect the sun on the horizon and turn this bedroom into a cosy retreat. These vibrant shades of yellow pair wonderfully with our Nordic wardrobe and Circa17 bed frame (with under-the-bed drawers) crafted from solid reclaimed teak, whose wooden grains add plenty of warmth to the space whilst providing an abundance of storage for wardrobe essentials. Indeed, these pieces work together to create a room that is uplifting, optimistic, soft and nurturing, all whilst providing an element of sophisticated glamour.

Featured: Circa17 bed | Noble armchair

We hope you enjoyed today’s home tour, and that our show flat styling project inspires you to create your very own tranquil abode!

This show flat was designed by TREE’s in-house styling team. Moving into a new home, or working on an interior design or commercial project? Get in touch with us for a complimentary initial consultation and let us help turn your design vision into a reality.