Grounded in wood, brimming with history

19 September 2023

At TREE, you’ll find a host of beautifully crafted, solid eco-wood furniture collections, with teak at its heartland. In today’s bLOG, we’re introducing new, solid reclaimed teak pieces designed by our partner dBodhi, which serves as a taster of what’s to come later in the year!

Handcrafted with nature in mind

Our bond with dBodhi began when our brand was just starting to take root. With a shared appreciation for nature and a passion for our planet, a natural synergy formed ­– and so did a lifelong partnership. Founded by Dutch entrepreneur Raymond Davids in 2007, dBodhi is dedicated to creating timeless furniture made with reclaimed and organic materials, often taking inspiration from Mother Nature. With each collection, you’ll find a perfect harmony between culture and nature, using ancient knowledge and Javanese traditions to produce original, high quality, sustainably stylish pieces that are made to last.

From design to production, dBodhi always has the planet in mind, and is continually looking for ways to minimise their negative impact on our environment. Alongside working with high quality, natural and sustainable materials, the brand has also committed itself to using plastic-free packaging, which can be recycled and thereby reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills.

Reclaimed, reloved

At the heart of dBodhi’s eco-wood products is reclaimed solid teak, whose story begins in East Java, Indonesia. In a previous life, these materials were once part of century-old houses. Known for its strength, resistance to all kinds of weather and climates, as well as its natural oil that offers protection against moisture, it’s no wonder that teak has been commonly used for generations to construct houses.

So how does this wonderful wood come to be reclaimed? Local tradition dictates that a house should be rebuilt after it has lived through three generations of families – a custom that stems from the ancient belief of cycles and was practiced by the king of Hindu Buddhist dynasties. Upon dismantling, blessings and thanks are offered to the house, after which the wood is ready to embark on its next journey in life.

The process of repurposing this quality wood is an elaborate one: once the houses are dismantled, the wooden slats are hand sorted based on its size and features ­– many of which still have their original nails and paint that add to their character and individuality. Its elegant textures tell the story of its unique past, and can never be reproduced or imitated by newly cut wood.

dBodhi’s team of skilled craftsmen take these simple, rustic beams of wood and give them a new lease of life. Through a meticulous process of hand selecting the right wood to suit each collection, and employing age-old techniques that have been passed down from generations, the result is beautifully handcrafted furniture pieces that are truly one of a kind.

Discover some of dBodhi’s newly landed solid reclaimed teak collections which are featured below!

solid wood furniture, reclaimed solid teak, artisan

Featured: Artisan dining table and bench | Split dining chair

Simple yet refined, the Artisan collection is a true ode to craftsmanship. Its dining table and bench feature distinctive joinery in their legs, inspired by a Javanese house construction system where wooden joints are carefully fitted together. The two work perfectly together, and can be styled alongside any of TREE’s solid eco-wood dining chairs or benches to create a rustic, modern and characterful dining setting. The bench also works wonderfully in the entryway as practical, stylish seating.

solid wood furniture, reclaimed solid teak, motion

Featured: Motion collection

Combining clean, Nordic lines with mid-century modern appeal, the aptly named Motion collection will set the wheels in motion to storing your belongings in style. Each piece has door panels with raised edges that create sleek handles, as well as ample shelving to keep your books and personal belongings neatly tucked away. Its showcase in particular comes with two drawers made with woven reclaimed teak wood panels that create a naturally unique, textural effect.

handcrafted accessories

Featured: Heritage bullet lamp

The Heritage collection is a curation of original, finely crafted accessories that truly embody its moniker. Made by artisans using techniques passed down by generations, each piece is a work of art that you’ll treasure for many years to come. The collection’s bullet lamp is handcrafted from onyx, which is believed to absorb energy, as well as amplify healing and positive energy. Its translucent body looks especially stunning when lit, emitting a warm ambient glow and casting alluring shadows on surrounding walls and surfaces. Each lamp is unique due to its naturally occuring variations of colour and patterns, ensuring that no two pieces are alike! The pieces in the Heritage collection are also beautifully packaged, ready to be gifted to loved ones!

solid wood furniture, reclaimed teak, dino

Featured: Dino dining table and bench

Simple, clean shapes and a modern design define the Dino collection, inspired by organic, rounded silhouettes of rock formations. The dining table and bench feature cylindrical pedestal legs that are secured with traditional Javanese joinery, while their table top and seat feature beautifully beveled edges and curves that add a softness to each piece. Style the two pieces together to create a rustic modern dining setting. Dino’s rounded edges make it an excellent, naturally stylish choice for a family friendly home!

solid wood furniture, reclaimed teak, outline

Featured: Outline dining table and bench | Outline open rack rack

Defined by its clean yet striking silhouette, the Outline collection embodies a rich, modern look that’ll never go out of style. Details such as a sleek iron frame (with brass tips) and slimline handles add a cool contrast against the teak wood’s warm tones, resulting in a modern industrial look and feel. The dining table and bench feature cut-out legs that give each piece a light and lifted appearance, while the open rack and cupboards offer ample storage space to keep your belongings in tip-top order.

solid wood furniture, reclaimed teak, outline

Featured: Outline bed | Artisan bench

For a naturally striking bed frame, look no further than the Outline bed. Much like the rest of the collection, its slimline iron legs give the piece a floating appearance. Its impressive headboard features a subtle grid design, creating visual interest and a stunning backdrop for a peaceful night’s rest. Each piece comes with metal holders on each side of the frame, which ensures that your mattress stays securely in place throughout your slumber.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our partner, dBodhi, as well as the story of our reclaimed solid teak wood that makes each piece naturally – and sustainably – unique.