Five cool ideas to beat the heat this season

09 August 2023

Enjoying the great outdoors certainly has its fun, but with temperatures at an all-time high this season, we understand the need to stay indoors away from the sweltering heat. In today’s bLOG post, we’re sharing five styling ideas to help keep your home looking and feeling cool this Summer.

Stay cool with fans

Ceiling fans offer a economically and environmentally friendlier way to keeping your home cool throughout the Summer months. They consume much less energy than air conditioners – almost 1% of the electricity used by air conditioners – making them an excellent, cost-saving alternative if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills! With so many designs now available in the market (and at TREE!), all of which are easy to maintain, you’ll be sure to find a ceiling fan that perfectly suits your personal style whilst keeping your home well-ventilated. There are even options with lighting integrated into its design, so that you have a piece that cools, illuminates, and decorates!

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans

Go sheer

While it may seem obvious (but some of the simplest ideas are the best!), keeping the natural light out is a surefire way to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable. With sunnier days and beautiful blue skies upon us, we understand the temptation to let all that light spill in. Consider opting for sheers, which can help diffuse bright light and block the sun’s UV rays (and thereby reducing the risk of sun damage to your interiors), but still allows for ample light to come through. We also love how the sheer curtains can add softness, texture and airiness to your space – perfect for creating a layered look without any bulk!

Solid eco-wood furniture

Streamline, streamline, streamline

The simple act of tidying up can make a world of a difference. Studies have found that visual clutter can cause us to feel stressed, restless and anxious, and can also affect our productivity levels and ability to focus. Take some time this Summer to eliminate any unwanted rubbish from your home, whether it be that hoard of papers pushed to the side of your desk or that pile of Winter clothes you’ve been meaning to organise and put away. Not only will you feel instantly lighter, but you’ll create a clear, fresh and open space that’ll have better air flow throughout your home. You can also help encourage a circular economy by donating your unwanted items (that are still in good, usable condition) to local charities – check out Sassy Hong Kong’s extensive list on where you can give your pieces a second lease of life!

Solid eco-wood furniture

Go light

Much like keeping cool wearing a light-coloured shirt on a hot day, opting for lighter colours in your home can help regulate cooler temperatures. Not only will tones such as white, creams and neutrals reflect heat away from your apartment, but they also make your space appear larger, as well as give your home that fresh, light and breezy feel that’s perfectly suited for the hot Summer months. Add in pops of colour with accessories such as artwork, cushions and vases, which can be easily swapped out if your personal taste and style changes throughout the years.

Solid eco-wood furniture

Welcome greenery

One of our favourite ways to decorate a home is with Mother Nature. Studies have found that greenery can help cool temperatures down through transpiration – a process where plants release excess water from its leaves – but it may require more than a handful of house plants to fully reap its cooling benefits! Even so, plants can bring a wealth of other positive effects to your space (such as reducing stress and improving air quality), and have a way of adding a sense of calm in your sanctuary. Humans have an innate attraction to nature – also known as biophilia (read all about creating a biophilic inspired home here) – and indoor greenery will enable you to enjoy a bit of the outdoors in the comfort of your home, especially when temperatures are unbearably hot!

Terracotta vases

We hope today’s bLOG post gives you some ideas for keeping your home feeling light, airy and cool during these hot Summer months. If you do decide to enjoy some outdoor activities, remember to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen!