Five additions to elevate your home alfresco experience

30 July 2020

For many of us, Summertime conjures up memories of enjoying great company, great food, and the great outdoors. This year, we’ve learned to adapt to a new kind of normal: staying in, ordering takeout and limiting get togethers to just you and your family or housemates. If you’re looking to still bask in the warm weather out on your balcony or terrace with loved ones (whilst ensuring the latest regulations are met!), we’ve put together five additions that can be easily brought out to your alfresco setup, creating a naturally stylish scene that you and your (very) intimate party can enjoy.


Perfect for intimate gatherings – and larger parties hopefully in the forseeable future – serveware is indeed a must-have for Summer alfresco dining and offer a beautiful base to present your home-cooked or takeaway dishes on. They come in all shapes, sizes and materials: from beautifully handcrafted wooden platters that lend a warm and rustic appearance, to naturally stunning stone and marble options for a touch of sophistication. Lately we have been loving our marble lazy susan, which has a simple spinning mechanism that makes it easy to serve up cheese and light bites, and even doubles as a chic cake stand!

As for what to put on your platters, we recommend checking out Home Beautiful’s top tips on creating the ultimate grazing platter. In light of recent events, be sure to also have a bottle of hand sanitizer and a set of serving cutlery on hand – simple hygiene measures work to protect everyone’s health.

Featured: Marble lazy susan


The stool is a small-but-mighty piece of furniture to have around the home: they’re perfectly petite pieces that can be used in more ways than one, be it as a chic side table or even as a base to display your indoor greenery and décor. Thanks to their light weight, these naturally stylish seats can be moved out to your terrace or balcony with ease, enabling you to create seating in an instant and ensuring that you and your housemates remain comfortable as you watch the sunset.

We offer an extensive selection of styles ranging from our rustic solo worker stool to our minimalist, universo positivo disc stool. We’re particularly fond of our solo stackable stools, which are perfect for compact homes as they can be neatly stored away when they’re not in use.

Featured: Contour round stool | Solo stackable stool | Solo worker stool


Indeed, nothing says Summer like a pop of colour! Our latest selection of cushions, designed and lovingly woven in India, come in an array of designs ranging from abstract motifs to nature-inspired prints – all in vibrant colours that inject an abundance of energy and vitality into your space.

Looking to create a picnic-style setup out on your balcony or terrace? By using a throw blanket as a foundation, along with throw cushions taken from your sofa or bed for comfortable seating, you can easily achieve the look of an inviting, eclectic dining setting that perfectly captures the carefree spirit of Summer! Take it up a notch with a handwoven basket; though typically used for keeping your home belongings neatly in check, they also work wonderfully as makeshift hampers to keep your food and beverages, and really complete your picnic experience!

Featured: Handwoven cushions


What’s a Summer gathering without a refreshing glass of your favourite beverage? A trolley fully stocked with ice, glassware and a selection of beverages creates a chic station where you and your loved ones can conveniently help themselves to any refills. Opting for a design with lockable wheels (as seen on our Kastings trolley) provides easy mobility, so that you can take your trolley from your living room to your balcony or terrace with ease. When the party’s over, you can keep your trolley as a bar cart or turn it into a creative space for displaying other finishing touches!

Need a little inspiration for Summer-inspired beverages? Take a look at Country Living’s round-up of punches, sangrias and more to chill out with on a hot day.

Featured: Kastings trolley


Lighting is just as important out on your terrace or balcony just as it is when you’re dining indoors! Consider adding an ambient glow to your alfresco evening with a set of beautifully handcrafted lanterns, which come in an array of styles and patterns that will create an alluring cast of shadows when illuminated. We have a penchant for designs handwoven from natural fibres, which add a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for intimate and large gatherings alike.

Featured: Rattan lanterns 

While the latest government regulations have us cooped up indoors, we hope these five additions will inspire you to still create a naturally stylish alfresco experience, where you can enjoy the sunshine from the comforts of your home!