Ethnicraft collections: Bok by Alain van Havre

15 October 2021

It’s OAKtober here at TREE, where we’re celebrating the beauty of solid, sustainable European-designed oak furniture by Ethnicraft. In today’s bLOG, we cover all things Ethnicraft: from our natural synergy with our partner to a Q&A with their team on the brand’s signature Bok collection.

Featured: Bok dining table | Anders dining chairs

A natural synergy

Our relationship with Ethnicraft sprouted in 2011 and has continued to strengthen over the decade with our shared passion and dedication to offering customers timeless, quality furniture design. Ethnicraft brings a sophistication to its collections, which can be seen in the clean-cut lines and meticulous wood grains that seamlessly flow throughout each panel, as well as in its contemporary upholstered furniture. Simplicity and functionality are both reflected in every piece, and are a result of the team’s unparalleled creativity and skill, attention to detail, as well as their constant thirst to discover new, innovative techniques in working with solid wood and other materials.

Featured: Bok dining table | Bok dining chair

Alain van Havre

Many of Ethnicraft’s beautifully crafted collections (including Bok) are created by its inspiring head designer Alain van Havre, who has worked for the brand for over 20 years. With a deep connection to the environment and passion for natural materials, he has developed an exceptional expertise in woodworking. Every piece reflects van Havre’s effortless ability to combine creativity and functionality with ease, and are sophisticated, practical designs that people can build a relationship with and enjoy for many years to come.

Alain van Havre (image courtesy of Ethnicraft)

Beautiful Bok

Defined by its soft edges and refined angles, Bok is Ethnicraft’s contemporary yet timeless collection that perfectly fuses functionality with incredible design. Read on for our quick Q&A with the team, where we get to know a little more about its signature range.

TREE: What is the inspiration behind ‘Bok’, and how did you come up with the concept of this collection?

EC: Bok (meaning ‘goat’ in Dutch) has a signature design that is reminiscent of an antelope’s slim legs and curved horns. In these eye-catching pieces, Alain van Havre combines sculptural elegance and contemporary crafting into a graceful and airy form.

Featured: Bok dining table | Bok bench

TREE: Are there any notable pieces in the collection?

EC: The Bok dining chair was the first piece we conceptualised in this range, and took several years of furniture design, development and important technological innovations before it came to fruition. It pushes the limits of solid wood, and uses complex wood carving techniques to form its iconic silhouette. This design combines sensual lines with contemporary crafting, where each component seamlessly connects to each other. The result is a piece that is refined and eye-catching, while offering a stylish seat that can be used in the dining room, home office or bedroom.

Featured: Bok dining chair (image courtesy of Ethnicraft)

TREE: Could you tell us more about the extendable dining table designs in this range?

EC: Nowadays, we see a trend of people who want to live smaller or smarter, but not at the expense of losing any aesthetic. We want to give these people the opportunity to have a functional and nice table, a table that really stands there. With simple extension features in our round extendable dining table design, you can easily increase the capacity from four to six people (or even eight), depending on the chairs or stools that you use. This can all be easily done with just one person as the legs stand in one place and an extra table top opens up from its hidden extension.

Featured: Bok extendable round dining table

EC: Now on the other hand, we also stay true to the Ethnicraft values, and wanted to create a warm and inviting table with subtle nods to design. For that reason, the Bok line was the perfect partner. If you look at the table, for example, you immediately recognise the Bok’s legs and the beautiful contours or edges of the table top.

The cool part about the Bok extendable dining tables is that you’re giving the possibility to extend their table, but also to extend their relationships with their family and friends.

TREE: What do you love most about the Bok collection?

EC: We love that this collection is truly brand-defining because it embodies a vision on design that makes it suitable for anyone’s individual taste, It finds a place in any setting, whether it is multiple pieces becoming protagonists in a space or simply an accent piece. Its timeless design also makes this collection one that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Featured: Bok dining table | Bok bench | Bok dining chair 

Bok is now available in an extensive collection of dining tables, extendable dining tables, desks, side tables, chairs and benches, enabling you to incorporate this chic, contemporary collection in virtually any part of your home. Click here to shop the collection!