Design trends to look out for in 2022

18 December 2021

With 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how to give your home a loving refresh for the year ahead. To get a sense of what to expect, we’ve pulled together our top predictions of home design and furniture trends that’ll stay relevant in 2022 and for the years to come.

Get ahead of the curve

Furniture with curves will make a big appearance in 2022, as they carry soft and playful elements that reflect our desire for a cosy, warm and happy home. Created by Belgian designer Jacques Deneef, our Ellipse sofa manages to be sculptural, inviting and elegant all at once. Beautifully crafted with a hardwood frame and fabric made with yarns woven in Belgium, this three seater (also available as an armchair – stay tuned!) features generous, deep seating as well as a curved backrest, giving way to a stylish sofa perfectly suited for both homes and office spaces.

Complete this interior style with our Sphere coffee tables, crafted from natural mineral powder and black powder coated metal legs. Shaped by hand using age-old techniques, Sphere features a distinctive table top with hand-etched patterns, making each piece naturally unique that perfectly fits the wabi sabi trend (more on this later)!

Featured: Ellipse sofa | Sphere coffee tables

Think green

Every year, we see that sustainability and looking after our planet have become increasingly important – so much so that it’s no longer a trend or interior style, but simply something that we must do. Consumers are now making conscious purchases and consider whether they have any implications on our environment. With this in mind, there is a shift towards investing in quality pieces that, not only are made with materials that don’t deplete our natural resources, but are also built to last a lifetime. Vintage is one of our exemplary collections that prove that sustainability and style aren’t mutually exclusive. Every teak piece from the collection is crafted from 100% FSC™-certified recycled solid teak, meaning that the wood was sourced responsibly to ensure it provides environmental, social and economic benefits. Inspired by classic Scandinavian designs that echo 1950’s and 60’s charisma, Vintage draws from the best of bygone era – a timeless style that is sure to stay relevant throughout the years.

Featured: Vintage dining table | Vintage bench | Twist dining chair

Find flexibility

The global pandemic created a demand for multipurpose spaces – one of the furniture trends that we expect to still see in 2022. Flexible furniture enables apartment dwellers to easily use their home to remotely work, exercise, relax, or whatever activity that fits their day-to-day. Our Circa17 desk in FSC™-certified recycled solid teak is one of our many hard-working pieces that enable you to turn your room into a flexible space. Designed with compact homes in mind, this clever piece features an array of compartments cleverly integrated underneath that gives it its versatility. Keep daily makeup essentials neatly tucked away in one section to create a vanity station for getting ready in the morning. Stationery and important documents can be kept in its additional drawer and niches, allowing this piece to double as a cool and compact home office when needed.

Featured: Circa17 desk

Slow down with Japandi

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have spent much more of our time at home, and with the chaos that everyday life brings, there is still a yearn for creating a zen-like sanctuary to relax and unwind. It’s no wonder that Japandi will remain a popular interior style in 2022 – think clean, pared back and functional spaces that feel warm and inviting. It’s a beautiful harmony of Japanese and Scandinavian designs: you’ll find elements of Japan’s Wabi Sabi style which finds beauty in imperfection and impermanence, as well as the Scandinavian concept of hygge that embraces feelings of comfort and well-being. Consider natural materials that fill your home with warm, grounding elements whilst creating that earthy connection with Mother Nature. A minimalist, ‘less is more’ approach is also key to creating a calm, safe haven that allows us to slow down.

Featured: Vintage bed | Vintage bedside table

Get global

Having spent so much time in once place, there’s a natural desire to visit far-flung places once travel restrictions are lifted. While we wait, why not bring some global influence into your space to create the look of a well-travelled abode? Our Ancestors Tabwa collection pays homage to Africa’s rich culture, fusing tradition with innovation and blurring the lines between past and present. Designed by photographer Carlos Baladia, and crafted from sustainable black painted teak along with mixed hard woods, each piece features hand carved, linear geometric motifs that are taken from the African Tabwa culture. You’ll find triangles that symbolise rebirth and continuity of life as well as intricate designs seen in local folklore. The result is a beautifully ethnic but contemporary collection that reflects the continent’s incredible heritage, all while making a design statement in your home.

Featured: Ancestors sideboard

We hope this bLOG post inspires you to give your home a loving refresh for the new year, whether it’s through incorporating new pieces into your space, or by simply interpreting these interior styles with what you already own. From all of us at TREE, we wish you healthy, happy and prosperous 2022!