this year, there has been a buzz around the term which, ironically, has made quite the noise and has become the hottest trend of the season. we take a deeper dive into this movement – decoding how it is more than just an aesthetic, but rather a philosophy – and share how this translates into creating a luxuriously effortless home.

what is quiet luxury?

earlier this year, quiet luxury took the world by storm in the fashion space, with pieces that were devoid of logos, beautifully tailored silhouettes, and impeccably crafted jewelry. now, it’s made its way into the realm of interiors. often interchangeably used with terms such as ‘stealth wealth’ and ‘old money aesthetic’, the movement places a strong emphasis on timeless pieces made with the utmost quality materials – embracing luxury with subtlety.

the pandemic created a shift in mindset among our society, where we learned how to slow down from our fast-paced world, get in touch with nature, and enjoy life’s simplest pleasures. quiet luxury is a continuation of that sentiment and is beyond just a fleeting design trend. indeed, quality and timelessness are important factors to look out for, but beneath it lies a consideration for your real life needs – how these pieces add functionality whilst bringing joy and refined elegance to your everyday.

quiet luxury encourages us to purchase with purpose as well as with a discerning eye, thereby curbing a tendency to over-consume and buy pieces that seldom last beyond one season (and is often seen in fast fashion). with this mindful, quality over quantity approach, you can create a highly curated space, brimming with pieces that are meaningful to you and are sure to last for many years to come.

indeed, intentionality is a core pillar of quiet luxury, and is a distillation of what we stand for at TREE. read on to discover how to embrace this movement in creating a well-lived, sophisticated and thoughtfully appointed home.

invest in quality

when it comes to creating a quietly luxurious home, look at the finer details: what materials the piece is made of, the attention to detail with the type of craftsmanship employed, as well as the impact the manufacture has on our environment. consider furniture that is made from natural, renewable materials like solid wood, which is highly durable and can be easily refurbished to stand the test of time. our solid wood collections are reclaimed, FSC™-certified or sustainably sourced, which ensures that natural resources aren’t being depleted and can be enjoyed by future generations. when paired with clean, timeless silhouettes, solid wood furniture makes for excellent investment pieces, as they can work seamlessly with any interior style and era.

add textures

with so much happening in the world, it is natural to seek refuge in a space that is anything but chaotic. quiet luxury is all about creating an elevated space that is tranquil and comforting – a haven to relax, restore and indulge in self-care. textures have a wonderful ability to create a sense of cosiness, lending a tactile finish and a lovingly layered look that’ll give your home plenty of depth and dimension. soft textiles like cotton throws, velvet cushions or deep-piled rugs add that element of sumptuousness, while natural materials such as wood, marble, woven fibres and stone can add warmth and ground your space.

create an understated scheme and palette

true to its moniker, quiet luxury favours a neutral, harmonious palette that fosters a sense of tranquility. while creams, beiges and taupes create a layered, monochromatic palette that exudes understated elegance, they also provide the perfect backdrop for other textures from your furniture and home accessories to really shine through. shades such as sage, terracotta or olive can inject a bit of natural colour to your space (if preferred) whilst still maintaining a calming atmosphere.

be generous with lighting

lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right tone and ambience in any interior. while natural lighting can transform a space by creating an open, inviting atmosphere, it also has substantial benefits for our mood and well-being, such as reducing anxiety and bringing a sense of comfort. a mixture of table and floor lamps will help you achieve layered lighting, whose soft, diffused glow can add warmth and a subtly luxurious look that’s perfect for winding down in the evenings.

TREE styling tip:
opt for light bulbs with a warmer tint (also known as ‘soft white’), which typically sit between the range of 2700k and 3000k – this will help you achieve that warm and cosy ambience. don’t forget to opt for energy-efficient lights bulbs which are better for the environment!

incorporate antiques and artwork

pieces with longevity are a key aspect of quiet luxury, making antiques an excellent addition to decorating your home as they are inherently timeless. these pieces from the past have proven to stand the test of time, developing a unique patina that uncovers its journey throughout the years. whether it is a family heirloom, second hand or a find from a flea market, antiques are truly one of a kind. pair the piece with original artwork, artisanal crafts and mementos from your travels, and you’ll have yourself an authentic, carefully curated and individual space filled with pieces that truly speak to you.

we hope quiet luxury inspires you to create a luxuriously effortless home with this mindful philosophy!