there has been a growing need for our homes to be refined yet simply comforting, giving way to spaces that encourage us to take a moment to slow down from the frantic pace of life. it’s no wonder that japandi is on the rise – a unique interior style that offers the look of a clean, pared back and functional space whilst feeling warm and inviting, and is perfect for calming the mind and living in the here and now.

what is japandi?

quite simply, the word ‘japandi’ is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian designs.

while this interior style has started to gain traction in recent years, it’s been around for over a century – 150 years to be exact! once Japan opened its borders after 220 years of seclusion, Danish creatives visited the country in search of new design inspiration. what soon became apparent was that the two nations shared a deep appreciation for authentic natural materials, simplicity and craftsmanship, and the philosophy of ‘less is more’. indeed, it was only a matter of time that these two design cultures would be fused together.

while japandi reflects the similarities in these two cultures, it also takes the best of both design philosophies. you’ll find elements of Japan’s wabi sabi style which finds beauty in imperfection and impermanence, as well as traces of hygge, a Scandinavian term that encompasses a feeling of comfort, contentment and well-being. despite coming from opposite sides of the globe, these two concepts work remarkably well together in creating a beautifully balanced look – calm, warm and laid back whilst remaining highly functional.

why is japandi more relevant than ever?

it values mindfulness
our planet is precious and needs protecting: this refined aesthetic places an emphasis on quality of craft and materials, for pieces that are made to last

a calm space brings a calm mind
with the chaos that surrounds our everyday life, we seek a safe haven in our home – clean, minimal and serene spaces enable us to slow down and calm the mind

it creates a sense of nostalgia
we want an escape from the virtual world: traditional craftsmanship and techniques spill over with authenticity and honesty, reflecting the time and skill that was put into each piece

create a japandi-inspired home

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pare it back

‘less is more’ sits at the heart of the japandi philosophy, so it’s important that your home feels light and airy. opt for minimalist and functional pieces – if you require storage, consider handwoven baskets to maintain the appearance of a clean, clutter-free space.

nurture the nature

japandi understands the importance of nature: wood, terracotta, and natural fibres are all warm, grounding elements that create that earthy connection. consider layering on indoor greenery, which is proven to help reduce stress.

opt for a neutral palette

foster a calming space with nature-inspired hues – while wabi sabi makes more use of dark, earthy tones like charcoal and olive, hygge incorporates softer, paler hues like light grey and beige. whether you opt for light or dark neutrals, you’re sure to reflect the japandi style.

seek beautiful craftsmanship

in japandi, quality and craftsmanship are paramount. expert techniques and natural, durable materials give way to long-lasting furniture that discourages the throwaway culture. artisanal crafts formed by the hand of the maker also brim with authenticity and honesty, creating a sense of nostalgia that’s so comforting in the now.

accessorise with intention

decorate with the ‘less is more’ ethos in mind. a thoughtfully curated selection, like a set of terracotta vases of differing designs but in complementary tones, can add individuality and tranquillity to your abode. functional items also work well, such as a mirror for last-minute glances or a wooden bowl for your keys and mail.

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