while we’re proud to offer beautifully crafted, solid eco-wood collections, we’re also committed to doing what we can to give back to our precious earth. with your continued support, as well as the help of our longstanding partner Trees4Trees, we’re able to plant trees and keep our forests replenished for future generations to enjoy.

our journey thus far


we started our partnership with Trees4Trees


TREE began its five-year tree planting project, planting 45,000 trees in the Wonosari village of Central Java, Indonesia


a total of 107,190 trees have been planted to date – and the number continues to grow!

the breakdown

we’re proud to be a partner for Trees4Trees, who have done incredible work to keep our forests healthy and thriving. to date, they have….

planted 6,472,068 trees

and captured 1,193,210 tonnes of CO2, removing these emissions from the air to help combat global warming.

bringing a canopy of benefits


providing farmers with all the tools to nurture and harvest their crops


for enhanced crop yields, reduced erosion, and improved livelihoods


preserving healthy habitats that our communities and animals depend on

how does it work?

track TREE's trees

many of our trees are planted in Central Java, Indonesia – where a majority of our reclaimed teak collections come from. thanks to Trees4Trees’ team on the ground, we’re able to share the exact coordinates of our trees to see where they’re making an impact.

“the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second best time is now.”
– Chinese proverb