with so much of our time spent indoors, we often find ourselves disconnected from the abundance of nature that surrounds us (especially in Hong Kong!) as such, biophilia – the idea that people have an innate attraction to nature – has become an increasingly integral part of design in improving our well-being. we cover how to create an earthy connection and feel in touch with Mother Nature in your own sanctuary using some of our naturally beautiful pieces.

wood is good

a series of studies have found that wood brings a range of benefits to our body and mind, such as lowering stress levels and blood pressure, as well as eliciting feelings of comfort and relaxation. the naturally stunning tones and varying wood grains add warmth to your home and help it to feel grounded. while we have an array of solid eco-woods to choose from, in an extensive range of designs, we’re particularly smitten with our signature husky dining table, which features a simple design that lets the wood speak for itself, and works wonderfully with any interior style.

look to nature

part of biophilic design is to replicate patterns found in our natural surroundings – and we have plenty of collections that do just that! aptly named, our contemporary lava collection draws inspiration from the Earth’s molten rock. handcrafted from natural mineral powder and colour pigments blended together, along with metal detailing, each piece features hand-etched patterns reminiscent of cracks in dried lava. from coffee tables, console tables to side tables, these unique designs – all in calming, neutral colours – are perfect for giving your home a lovingly tactile finish.

looking for simple yet effective way to incorporate pieces inspired by nature? opt for cushions! woven in India, our embroidered designs are a wonderful solution for a loving refresh while adding some flora to your space. available in designs including dandelion motifs and a leafy border, these finishing touches will certainly give your space a touch of nature.

bring on the green

what better way to feel the presence of nature than by bringing greenery into your home? studies suggest that greenery can reduce stress, increase memory retention and improve concentration levels, which can be attributed to the calming and grounding influence of nature. plants can also purify air quality and breathe life back into a space (literally) through photosynthesis, which converts the carbon dioxide we emit into oxygen.

if you’re considering greenifying your home with indoor plants, consider housing them in style with a beautifully crafted planter. our vivian plant stands are handcrafted in rattan by skilled artisans, and are set atop a chic raised black metal frame that add a contemporary touch. their woven design offers a beautiful base for your chosen flora while adding textural interest to your home. choose from tall and low options, which can be styled in their own right or paired together for maximum effect.

embrace natural forms

biophilic design is all about embracing variance and natural forms that Mother Nature has to offer, and our natural lighting also does just that. lovingly handcrafted in Thailand, skilled artisans experiment with an abundance of resources found across the country – from driftwood washed ashore and fallen bark in lush forests – assembling them to create sinuous, sculptural, and naturally striking pieces to illuminate your home. from table lamps to floor lamps, each design is truly a work of art that’ll make you feel closer to nature.

we hope this inspires you to bring elements of the outdoors into your home and create a sanctuary that feels connected to nature!