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enjoy peaceful sleep in a blissful sanctuary you can truly call your own with our bedroom furniture and finishing touches

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qing lounge chair - low back

HK$7,950.00 options available

autumn trees embroidered cushion

HK$556.00 HK$695.00
I'm 20% off

reflections beaded dots tray - rectangular

HK$875.00 HK$1,250.00
I'm 30% off

roderick hand woven rug

HK$1,365.00 HK$1,950.00 options available
I'm 30% off

marble two-tone tray - rectangular

HK$316.00 HK$395.00 options available
I'm 20% off

solo framed wood art

HK$4,770.00 HK$7,950.00
I'm 40% off

simco diamond jacquard rug

HK$1,960.00 HK$2,450.00 options available
I'm 20% off

vintage bed

HK$11,950.00 options available

tripod side table

HK$2,250.00 options available

cube open box with 2 handles

HK$521.25 HK$695.00 options available
I'm 25% off

amarac hand loom printed rug

HK$2,750.00 options available

summer print cushion

HK$322.50 HK$645.00
I'm 50% off

rattan herringbone weave basket

HK$625.00 HK$1,250.00
I'm 50% off

diamond embroidered cushion

HK$322.50 HK$645.00 options available
I'm 50% off
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