Heveya pillow

dimensions (in cm):

  • crafted from 100% natural organic latex harvested from a certified organic latex plantation.
  • plush and extra soft while resilient enough to offer long-lasting support, this pillow is designed to be a perfect fit for side sleepers
  • a latex structure designed to maximise airflow and ventilation ensures a cool, comfortable night’s sleep, while naturally hypoallergenic properties make it resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mould.
  • a luxurious, breathable bamboo cover with organic cotton padding regulates air and moisture, coming complete with zipper for easy removal and dry cleaning.

Global Organic Latex Standard

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
LGA Tested

  • item code: eb010071
  • dimensions (in): 27.5 w x 15.7 d x 5.7 h
  • dimensions (cm): 70 w x 40 d x 14.5 h
  • material: natural organic latex
  • care instructions: our bamboo pillow covers are removable for easy dry cleaning. in the event of stains occurring to the latex core, avoid putting your pillow in the washing machine. simply dab with a wet cloth and mild detergent then let the latex ventilate to dry
  • made in Sri Lanka
  • in partnership with Heveya
  • our mattresses and pillows are delivered direct to you by Heveya. delivery is free of charge within Hong Kong (including Discovery Bay) for purchases of 1,500HKD and over. a delivery charge of 200HKD is applicable to any purchases below 1,500HKD. for outlying islands, delivery can be made to Central pier for ongoing transit to be arranged by the customer.

  • for delivery where the pieces can only be transported via stairs, industry-standard charges will apply: $80 per floor up to 5th floor / $160 per floor from 6th floor.

  • Heveya is happy to offer a disposal service upon delivery of one mattress per each mattress purchased.


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