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dining & kitchen

prep your culinary creations with our kitchenware and serveware – making every step of the cooking process a naturally stylish one

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marble salt and pepper set

HK$295.00 options available

voyage organic valet tray - round

HK$645.00 options available

icons toile mug

HK$250.00 options available

rattan tray with rope handle - round

HK$575.00 HK$1,150.00 options available
I'm 50% off

marble two-tone tray - rectangular

HK$295.00 options available

willow harbour Chinese tea cup set

HK$280.00 options available

willow Kowloon dinner plate set

HK$1,380.00 options available

reflections beaded dots tray - rectangular

HK$875.00 HK$1,250.00
I'm 30% off

reflections geometry tray - round

HK$665.00 HK$950.00 options available
I'm 30% off

rattan ply weave tray

HK$397.50 HK$795.00
I'm 50% off
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