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decorative accessories & vases

from vases to bird cages and lanterns, our decorative accessories are sure to give your home a lovingly layered, personalised look

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terracotta bottle vase

HK$87.00 HK$145.00 options available
I'm 40% off

marble teardrop vase

HK$495.00 options available

terracotta bottle vase

HK$345.00 options available

terracotta copper contrast vase

HK$177.00 HK$295.00
I'm 40% off

marble oval vase

HK$295.00 options available

teak decorative ball

HK$2,950.00 options available

terracotta lashes pot

HK$147.00 HK$245.00
I'm 40% off

terracotta cylinder planter

HK$695.00 options available

solo framed wood art

HK$3,975.00 HK$7,950.00
I'm 50% off

wooden rat

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