a little love goes a long way!

our furniture is made to last a lifetime, but we also know that with daily life, a little wear and tear will naturally occur. our manuals equip you with the right knowledge to look after your piece, keeping it in tip-top condition for many years of enjoyment.

our wood

it doesn’t hurt to regularly clean your wooden piece but be sure to use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it down and pick up any particles. avoid furniture polish or chemical products as this can build residue, attract more dust, and strip colour.


we recommend using a vacuum to clean your sofa or upholstered chair once a week, which will help remove dust and dirt. opt for a soft nozzle and clean with a light hand to minimise pilling.

outdoor furniture

whether you choose pieces for your outdoor space that are crafted from FSC™-certified/sustainably sourced teak, wicker or upholstery fabric, there are plenty of quick and easy cleaning measures that you can take to ensure they stay in tip-top condition.

our manuals have all the ins-and-outs to take you though any messes and spills that everyday life brings!

and if you can’t find the answer you need? simply contact us and one of our sales team will be in touch to help.