sustainability is and has always been, at the heart of TREE – it is who we are.

we're a Hong Kong brand with a ‘profits with principles’ mentality, ensuring that every part of our business makes a difference to our planet and those around us.


leaving no footprint

we’re proud to have the CarbonCare® Champion Label, meaning we’ve achieved a zero-carbon footprint by offsetting our emissions. we've also received the Hong Kong Award for Environmental Excellence for the third year in a row!
tonnes of carbon offsets has been offset up to date

we care

we’ve also been awarded the Caring Company logo, which recognises our commitment to looking after our community, employees and our environment.

TREE plants trees

we’re passionate about protecting our planet, and are committed to keeping our natural resources replenished – one of the ways in which we do so is by planting trees!
92,717 trees

have been planted as of today, these trees will capture an estimated 19,400 tonnes of CO2!

what is FSC?

an independent, globally reputed forest certification system which ensures our vigorous sustainability standards are met. this gives you the assurance that your piece is crafted with solid wood from well-managed forests or reclaimed from FSC™-certified sources, and that our precious natural resources aren't being depleted.

handcrafted from the heart

our home accessories are developed and sourced from all over the globe, and are lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans using natural materials. each purchase contributes towards providing stable work for these local communities and keeps these time-honoured traditions alive for future generations.

the 3 r’s

we reduce, reuse and recycle! we're conscious of making small differences whenever we can. We reduce paper use, opt for FSC™-certified paper throughout the business, reuse cardboard for packaging, offer reusable bags, work with HKRecycles to reduce waste sent to landfills and use biodegradable packaging in our TREE café.

while we are not perfect, we strive and are committed to challenging ourselves on how we can do better and being as sustainable as possible.

working hand in hand

we’ve developed long-term partnerships with our suppliers who share who are also passionate about our planet and are committed to making a difference by using sustainable materials, running their factories responsibly, and planting trees.

a thankful heart

we wouldn’t be where we are today without the roots and branches that built our foundation and nourished our growth. to our wonderful staff and partners, and for the ongoing support from our customers, from the heart, we thank you!