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fendy open rack with 5 shelves

HK$15,950.00 HK$12,760.00 options available

fendy coffee table - hexagon

HK$2,450.00 HK$1,960.00 options available

fendy open rack with 4 shelves

HK$12,950.00 HK$10,360.00  

kasting desk with 1 door, 2 drawers

HK$14,950.00 HK$11,960.00 options available

fendy locker with 2 doors

HK$13,950.00 HK$11,160.00  

fendy slim locker with 3 doors

HK$9,950.00 HK$7,960.00  

fendy locker with 6 doors

HK$14,950.00 HK$11,960.00  

fendy locker with 9 doors

HK$19,950.00 HK$15,960.00  

fendy wide locker with 3 doors

HK$18,950.00 HK$15,160.00  

fendy leaning rack


solo coffee table - pumpkin

HK$4,950.00 HK$3,960.00 options available

solo box and tray set

HK$3,950.00 HK$2,765.00  

kasting bench

HK$6,950.00 options available
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