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entryway furniture

the introduction to your home - our entryway furniture and finishing touches will leave your guests with a lasting impression

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curio modern farm house

HK$1,560.00 HK$1,950.00
I'm 20% off

terracotta cachepot

HK$122.50 HK$245.00 options available
I'm 50% off

ceramic fan vase

HK$575.00 options available

marble bud vase

HK$345.00 options available

terracotta cylinder planter with stand

HK$636.00 HK$795.00 options available
I'm 20% off

vintage shoe cabinet with 4 doors

HK$17,560.00 HK$21,950.00 options available
I'm 20% off

terracotta tapered leaf vase

HK$380.00 HK$475.00
I'm 20% off

terracotta flora carved tall vase

HK$540.00 HK$675.00
I'm 20% off

terracotta textured pinch pot

HK$300.00 HK$375.00
I'm 20% off

twist bench

HK$6,950.00 options available

curio stilt house

HK$1,000.00 HK$1,250.00
I'm 20% off

recycled glass rounded vase

HK$925.00 options available

terracotta textured pinch vase

HK$276.00 HK$345.00 options available
I'm 20% off
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