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sofa beds

be the host with the most with our range of chic, easy-to-convert sofa beds that transform from stylish seating by day to blissful bed by night!

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lunala L-shape sofa bed with storage

HK$35,950.00 options available

tjaze 2 seater sofa bed

HK$13,950.00 options available

twofold 2 seater sofa bed

HK$10,950.00 options available

splitback 2 seater sofa bed

HK$10,950.00 HK$8,760.00 options available

unfurl 2 seater sofa bed

HK$9,250.00 HK$7,400.00 options available

tandem ottoman sofa bed

HK$5,950.00 HK$4,165.00  

all you need sofa bed cushion

HK$1,450.00 HK$1,015.00  

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