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share the love around the perfect dining table for your chic home.

our solid eco-wood tables set the mood for your favourite gatherings with family and friends over to keep the meal, and the memories, going on and on.

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soul dining table

HK$12,950.00 options available

fendy dining table with U-shape legs

HK$10,950.00 HK$8,760.00 options available

vintage dining table - rectangular

HK$8,450.00 options available

circa17 dining table - square

HK$4,950.00 options available

tuareg dining table - rectangular

HK$7,950.00 options available

straight dining table

HK$6,450.00 options available

torsion dining table

HK$8,950.00 options available

essentials dining table

HK$21,950.00 options available

lekk dining table - round

HK$16,950.00 options available

kotak dining table with carved leg

HK$11,950.00 options available

slice dining table - extendable

HK$16,950.00 options available

circle dining table

HK$14,950.00 options available

celebes dining table

HK$10,950.00 options available

mikado dining table

HK$19,950.00 options available

vintage dining table - round

HK$7,450.00 options available

slice dining table

HK$9,950.00 options available
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