at the foundation of truly great product designs are quality raw materials. TREE is inspired by materials – especially in their natural form! from furniture designs beautifully crafted with solid eco-woods, to home décor in an exciting, eclectic mix of materials made primarily with traditional hand craftsmanship – these pieces are naturally stunning in their own right.

wood, glorious wood

TREE has grown into what it is today based on a founding passion for reclaimed solid wood that tells the story of its unique past. alongside this, our ‘new’ teak (a firm favourite at TREE) is always FSC™-certified – an independent verification that gives our customers the assurance that forests are well managed and that our precious natural resources aren't being depleted.

over time, our solid wood selection has grown to include sustainably sourced European oak, American walnut as well as other hard woods. indeed, there’s plenty to choose from to suit your taste and style – and they’re always sustainably stylish!

whether reclaimed, FSC™-certified or sustainably sourced, teak wood is our heartland. we can’t get enough of this solid wood: its beautifully straight grains and warm hues pair wonderfully with any interior, while its durable properties make it perfect for places with wet and humid climates (just like Hong Kong!).

our lovely solid European white oak wood is defined by its creamy tones and straight golden-brown grains, and is equally as stunning when stained in black! light or dark, oak is perfect for those looking for a fresh and contemporary update.

solid American walnut wood is perfect for those who seek a richer, warmer aesthetic. with deep, chocolately tones and ripples of lighter, honey hues swirled through, our walnut collections ooze an understated elegance.
and even more glorious wood...

we’re also proud to offer an array of other sustainably stylish wooden pieces: you’ll find reclaimed mixed hard wood furniture, wooden antiques, one-of-a-kind pieces made with wood from fallen trees, driftwood lighting, petrified wood bowls and balls, wooden kitchenware and everything in between!

antique wood
lovingly distressed surfaces make each piece individually unique
uniquely shaped pieces washed ashore on Thailand's beaches
petrified wood
fallen lumber turned into fossil over millions of years
lovingly Lloyd Loom

we also carry beautifully crafted furniture made from FSC™-certified paper that is woven in the traditional Lloyd loom technique, resulting in timeless designs that are naturally stunning and made to last!
wood and beyond!

alongside our eco-wood collections sit an eclectic mix of beautifully crafted finishing touches, made with natural materials we work with that help create a lovingly layered look. here's just a taster of what we work with – there's much more to be discovered in store…

this strong, flexible and fast-growing material creates a warm, inviting look and feel
perfect for adding an earthy element to your space
recycled glass
beautifully mouthblown and handmade into striking, one-of-a-kind vases and vessels
a natural fibre that lends plenty of warmth and visual interest
lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, full of individuality
a grounding element with a cool-to-the-touch sophistication

the finishing touch

that final flourish can make all the difference in a space. here at TREE, we pride ourselves on offering a treasure trove of accessories that are crafted by skilled artisans across the globe. with colours and textures abound, in addition to modern interpretations, you have everything you need to represent your personal style.

solid eco-wood, natural fibres, marble and so much more… a melting pot of natural, authentic materials!