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Top 3 tips to refresh your home for 2017

date 04 Jan 2017

With the New Year officially in full swing, and in the spirit of new beginnings, we share with you our top three ways to refresh your home and kick off 2017 with a clean and naturally chic space!

1. Store with style

Top on our list of ways to streamline your space is with storage – stylish storage, that is! With racks and shelves now available in a multitude of modern styles, we can bid farewell to the myths of sterile storage. Materials like rustic reclaimed solid wood with industrial black iron give your storage piece a naturally unique look while adding character to the room. And designs that come with geometric open shelving offer an unexpected way to store your books and accessories (which can be displayed on its own or contained in naturally stunning containers), while adding interest, dimension and a touch of quirkiness to your home.

Get the look: Soul book rack | Soul multi rack | Fendy multi rack | Soul open rack (in-stores only)

For storage with versatility, opt for stackable boxes that can be styled and tailored to your home’s needs. Individually, these box modules work brilliantly as a side table or as extra desk storage, but can also be assembled together to create a larger, completely personalised display for your books and finishing touches. With its open shelving, this storage solution also works as a clever room divider, without obstructing any natural light from shining through and illuminating the rest of your space.

Get the look: Stack stacking box | Rattan woven baskets (in-stores only)

2. Brimming with baskets

Now here’s a storage tip: baskets are a quick stylish fix to keep all your bits and bobs in order while adding a chic finishing touch. These handwoven containers soften up the look of your home with its calming neutral tones and natural materials, and are perfect for holding just about everything, ranging from linens and towels to magazines and documents. Tuck these under your console table or bed to create extra storage wherever it’s needed. Or, if you’re looking to update the look of your shelves, slot these in for added visual texture.

Get the look: Rattan woven baskets (in-stores only)

3. Bring the outdoors in

Earlier last month, Pantone announced it has selected Greenery as its colour of the year – a refreshing and revitalising hue symbolic of new beginnings. It’s the perfect shade to rejuvenate your home in 2017, and we thought what better way to add this vibrant colour to your space than with some beautiful foliage? Not only can these leafy friends breathe life into your home (an essential, especially in a concrete jungle!), but they also act as a natural air purifier to strip away any toxins from your abode.

We love a good selection of lush greenery, but some of our favourites that help improve air quality include English ivy, which drapes beautifully over a mantel or shelf; spider plants for a low-maintenance yet stylish option; as well as bamboo palm, which provides a beautiful textural background to your home.

Get the look: Soul console | Terracotta vases | Pandan baskets (in-stores only)

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