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Style focus: the raw and rustic

date 08 Jan 2018

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of our style focus series, where we highlight one of six core looks you’ll find here at TREE. In today’s post, we take a look at raw and rustic furniture: naturally stylish pieces defined by distressed and weathered surfaces, which give way to one-of-a-kind designs each with a truly unique story to tell.

Reclaimed wood furniture is typically salvaged from old buildings and houses, along with smaller structures such as railway sleepers and fishing boats, just to name a few. These pieces are then lovingly repurposed into naturally stunning furniture pieces, breathing life back into used materials that might have otherwise gone to waste. Because the wood is salvaged from old structures, reclaimed furniture provides an eco-friendly solution to creating new products without having to deplete earth’s natural resources. Reclaimed timber has also spent years in the elements, which not only contributes to the furniture’s durability and stability, but also gives you the confidence of knowing you’ve purchased a quality (and sustainably stylish!) piece.

Get the look: Soul bed (in-stores only)

It’s important to remember that, when investing in reclaimed wood furniture, you’ll find that no two items are alike. While recycled materials are broken down by machine-processing to create an entirely new product, furniture crafted from reclaimed wood keeps the material in its original state, and embraces any wear and tear the lumber may have undergone from its previous life. Weathered surfaces, nail markings, and even remnants of colourful paint – these are all accents that add to the natural character and charm of each piece, as well as reveal the story of its unique past.

One of our favourite ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into a space is with a dining table: it works wonderfully as a rustic statement-making piece to anchor your dining room, and creates a casually elegant and homely appeal perfect for dinner gatherings at home. Pair it with a matching bench to complete the look of an inviting setting, or even with a set of mismatched chairs and stools for that rustic, farmhouse effect. Plus, as a piece brimming with history, it’s a dining room centerpiece that’s sure to get any conversation flowing!

Get the look: Organik dining table | Organik bench

Reclaimed wood furniture doesn’t always mean it has to take on an entirely new form: an existing piece can keep its original shape while taking on a new function. An old wooden screen door can be repurposed into a naturally chic magazine rack, as well as lovingly updated with a whitewashed finish for a casual and coastal appeal. Lean against an empty corner alongside a plush armchair and side table, and you’ve got yourself the perfect spot to curl up and revel in your latest reads.

Get the look: Solo screen door with mirror & magazine rack | Solo ladder mirror

The beauty of reclaimed wood is in its ability to work with almost any material or style. Pair it with other natural elements for an earthy and homely interior filled with organic warmth, or if you prefer a space with a contemporary touch, opt for pieces that bear clean-lines and sleek silhouettes. The result is a stunning contrast between the raw-but-rustic and pared-back minimalism that also adds a subtle textural interest to your space. Let your rustic furniture take centre stage by playing with a neutral monochromatic palette (like a spectrum of dove, charcoal and slate grays), which will allow the wood’s characterful surface and warm tones to stand out.

Get the look: Patch coffee table (in-stores only) | Dimple armchair

We hope this post has given you a little more insight on reclaimed wood and its use to create characterful, sustainably stylish furniture pieces – remember, it’s the imperfections that make things beautiful!

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