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small decor ideas that make a big impact

06 Apr 2017

"It’s all in the details” – a simple phrase that we’ve all heard, but is often overlooked when it comes to decorating your home. Despite their size, small home décor pieces can create a big impact on setting the tone in any room. Get started on updating your space with a few of our favourite small but mighty décor ideas below that will instantly change the feel and look of your home.

Flower power

Get a breath of fresh air with beautiful florals and luscious greenery – perfect pick-me-ups to instantly add life into your home. Incorporating a bit of flora allows you to inject colour into your space without investing in more permanent pieces, as well as change the look of your room with ease from season to season. Not only do florals revitalise a space, but they also create a flourishing, tranquil oasis that will soothe your mind after a long day.

Get the look:
Top : Lodge console table (see similar)
Bottom: Wooden bottle vases (browse the rest of our finishing touches in-store)

Get creative with your floral arrangements by experimenting with vases in an array of shapes and sizes for a truly stylish room. For tall, round-shaped vases, look for broad petal flowers with long and strong stems, such as roses or peonies, which work well in creating a balance of proportion. And to fill light, delicate vessels, opt for orchids or rhododendron – two beautiful blooms that offer a soft and ethereal look, and are local favourites at the Hong Kong flower market.

Vases also give you the opportunity to play with colour combinations, trying out unexpected pairings you might not have otherwise considered for your home. White vases paired with magnolia create a monochromatic palette that emphasises a clean and sophisticated style, whereas earth-toned vases with distressed detailing pair perfectly with succulents, and exude a more raw, rustic look.

Wonder wall

A blank wall is much like an artist’s fresh canvas, waiting to be adorned with naturally stunning accessories (be it art, storage or lighting) that perfectly express your interior style. Choose a wall-mounted multi rack for a compact, streamlined storage solution that provides a geometric backdrop for your florals and finishing touches, and gives you the flexibility to play with different arrangements.

Get the look
: Out of the box multi wall box

Another simple, inexpensive way to make your walls a stylish yet practical focal point is with a corkboard, which can be easily purchased at your local crafts store. Pin up postcards from your latest travels, cut outs from your favourite magazines, and even photos of friends and family, for a truly personalised wall piece that’ll bring a relaxing and cosy charm to your space. No matter what you decide to add, you’re sure to have a constantly evolving collage that captures your own personal style while keeping you continually inspired.

Get the look
: Ferum writing desk (see similar) | Ferum dining chair (see similar) | Ferum wide open rack (see similar) | Ferum slim open rack (see similar)

To affordably and easily create a more natural setting in your living space, opt for small, versatile rustic reclaimed wood pieces, which not only add texture to your home, but also tell a unique story through their beautifully weathered surfaces. Prop a ladder in your bedroom as a stylish solution for hanging bags and clothing, or a screen door in your living room as a chic, repurposed magazine rack.

Get the look
: Solo screen door (in stores only) | Solo ladder mirror

Classic hits

Antique and vintage items bring a unique sense of character into the home, and are sure to get any conversation going with your guests. Whether the piece is a genuine antique or styled to evoke a sense of old world charm, there’s a certain classic look to aged finishing touches that’ll make these pieces relevant, no matter what the season. Check out some of Hong Kong’s markets, such as Antique Street or Cat Street (and of course TREE!), to find (small) vintage items that add depth and a personal eclectic twist.

Get the look
: Antique lanterns (in stores only)

Plates of perfection

If you have a collection of naturally beautiful kitchenware, why not proudly display it up in a glass cupboard and make it a décor focal point in your home? Lean your plates against the back of your cupboard for visual interest, with smaller plates in front for a beautifully layered look. And, for a bit more variety and texture, add a stack of teacups or plates into the mix. Whether you prefer a chic, clean, symmetrical display, or an effortlessly thrown-together arrangement for a more rustic approach, this technique creates a naturally stunning backdrop in your dining room, while also keeping all your crockery safely stored away. And of course, this lovely tableware shouldn’t only be showcased: be sure to make good use of it as a beautiful base for your delectable meals, making them look as good as they taste!

Get the Look:
Top: Pure showcase | Woven baskets and ceramics (in stores only)
Bottom: Ceramic kitchenware (in stores only)

For a truly unique décor look, consider combining a few of these top tips, such as using a vintage teapot or cookie jar as an unexpected flower vase, or perhaps even old photographs and vintage magazine covers as a wonderfully insta-worthy wall collage.

Whether it’s revitalising accessories you already own or snapping up a few new décor pieces on your next shopping spree or holiday, we hope we’ve inspired you to think big when it comes to making small changes.

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