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Our top looks and furniture pieces that prove black is back

28 Jun 2019

While black is indeed a colour that never goes out of style, it’s certainly on-trend this year thanks to its emergence among the home and design industries. In today’s bLOG post, we delve into our favourite looks, pieces and colour combinations that’ll make you want to turn to the dark side.

We love black for its incredible versatility: it can be used as a modest, foundational base to layer over, but can make an equally compelling statement when styled individually as an accent piece. Lately, we have been lusting over designs with geometric motifs and sculptural detailing, which can effectively spruce up your home to striking effect. Crafted from sustainably sourced solid European oak stained in black, our latest Graphic range features a composition of triangles intricately carved and layered on each panel, lending an abundance of texture while making a statement in its own right. Also on our covet list is Stairs, whose multi-faceted, angular door panels play with perspective and light, giving way to a storage solution that’s sure to keep your interiors a step ahead of the rest.

Get the look
Top: Graphic sideboard
Bottom: Stairs cupboard

Up for something a little more daring? Then a wall painted in this dark and dramatic shade may be right up your street. As it scientifically absorbs most natural light, many are quick to assume that black can make a room look smaller, and thus shy away from using such a bold hue (or lack of it). But contrary to popular belief, black does quite the opposite, making the edges of your walls less apparent and thereby making it harder to distinguish where your room ends. Indeed, it’s a bold step away from traditional stark white walls, but a wash of black paint will invigorate your room in an instant whilst creating a warm, intimate and grounding atmosphere. You’ll also find that it makes for an excellent backdrop for the rest of your furniture, finishing touches and indoor greenery, bringing each piece to the fore and enhancing its beautiful tones.

Get the look: Rise console table | Rise open rack | Slant chair (in stores only)

If an all-black palette is a bit too bold for your liking, consider working in another neutral colour to soften its intensity. We especially adore the colour play between black and a contrasting lighter-toned wood, as seen in our Blackbird range. The creamy tones of solid European oak carry beige undertones that add warmth to the pairing, while stark, jet black stained panels add a modern twist to the collection’s timeless designs. Black and white is another colour combination we stand behind. Though higher in contrast, it’s a classic, monochromatic palette that matches seamlessly with any interior, and never fails to leave a lasting impression. We like to work this in with a set of throw cushions and blankets, which can add a softness to the stark contrast between the black and white.

Get the look
Top: Blackbird console table
Bottom: Meadow embroidered cushion | Winter tree throw | Bamboo round tray (in stores only)

Whether you love to go bold or prefer a more subtle look and feel, we hope these styling tips inspire you to embrace black in your interior!

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