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New Year design resolutions for 2019

28 Jan 2019

January is all about starting afresh, and while many of us set personal goals to accomplish in 2019, we at TREE are thinking about challenges to take on for the home.In today’s bLOG post, we share our top design resolutions for a clean, inspirational and naturally stylish space this New Year.

Be bold with colour

We love working with neutrals, and with good reason: they seamlessly work with any interior style and colour scheme, provide a beautiful foundation to layer on, and add just the right amount of sophistication to your space. While we do have a penchant for a tranquil, nature-inspired palette, this year we’re also lusting after bolder tones that can reinvigorate a room in an instant. If you’re looking to introduce a splash of colour but feel weary that it may be too overpowering of a look, we recommend working with an array of smaller finishing touches. Throw cushions, vases or even a bunch of florals add just the right amount of colour, and can be easily swapped out should you decide to change your look to match seasonal trends or your mood! If you prefer a more audacious approach, opt for a statement-making patterned sofa, with its brilliant hues ­­pairing beautifully with the neutral tones and textures that already exist in your space.

Get the look: Unfurl sofa bed, Pumpkin coffee table (in stores only)

Streamline your space

It’s never too late to get your home in order, and we’re making this the year to implement, achieve and maintain a streamlined look.

The key to streamlining your space is to downsize. We suggest taking any clutter out from storage and gathering it into a pile, which will help give some perspective on how much has accumulated over the years as well as what needs to go. Take the time to sort through your belongings and eliminate any items that you no longer use – clothes, books, toys, electronics and extra household products can be donated to help others who are in need. Be sure to also shred any old paperwork and dispose of expired products and medicine, which will free up additional space and give way to a clean and clutter-free home.

Once you’ve purged the mess, it’s time to develop an organisation system that works best for you. By grouping like with like (such as breaking your wardrobe down into sweaters, belts, button down shirts, pants, etc.), you create sustainable solutions to keep a streamlined look for many years to come.

Need a little inspiration on how to organise your belongings in style? We’ve written a bLOG post on some of our favourite storage solutions, which you can read about here.

Get the look: KD wardrobe, UP Facette chair

Be sustainable

With environmental issues quickly on the rise, it’s almost imperative now to consider how our actions can impact our planet. Over the years, we – as businesses, organisations and consumers –have become increasingly aware of these implications, and are starting to weave more sustainable practices into our lives. When giving your home a loving refresh for 2019, we encourage you to incorporate décor pieces crafted from raw, natural and renewable resources. Finishing touches in natural woven fibres, terracotta and reclaimed wood feature organic textures and surfaces that lend warm and inviting look, and are grounding elements that help connect your space with Mother Nature.

Get the look: Rattan hanging lamp, Throw cushions, Notting sofa, Reclaimed wooden bench, Woven rug (in stores only)

Be inspired by global influences

Some of the best sources of inspiration come from all over the world: by exploring new countries, we immerse ourselves in rich cultures, gain new perspective, and encounter unique experiences along the way.A home is meant to be filled with memories, and what better way to fulfill that sentiment than with pieces collected from your travels? Whether you decide on a set of handwoven baskets from the Philippines or a characterful wooden stool from India, you’re sure to create an inviting, beautifully curated home with a truly individual narrative.

Traveling not on your agenda this year? Fret not — there are a handful of local stores (including TREE!) that support merchants and artisans across the globe, so that you can easily achieve the look of a well-traveled abode.

Get the look: Raja stool, Ancestors side table, handwoven basket (see our online selection here), mendong placemats

We hope our design resolutions have inspired you to set some of your own goals and challenges in giving your home a brand new look for the New Year. From the heart, we wish you a creative 2019!

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