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How to style natural woven designer furniture in your home

date 20 Oct 2017

Reaching a century milestone is certainly a feat that cannot be ignored: this week, we’re celebrating 100 years of Lloyd Loom, a time-honored weaving technique that is seen in many of our lovingly woven designer furniture pieces well-loved by our TREE family. In today’s post, we take a look at this remarkable craft, as well as highlight some of our favourite woven wonders that can be easily incorporated into your home.

The story of Lloyd Loom harks back to 1917, when American manufacturer Marshall B. Lloyd, who produced baby carriage and strollers, decided to experiment with new materials due to the depletion of natural rattan. What came about was an innovative technique where paper is twisted around a steel wire and is further machine-woven into a sheet, resulting in a flexible, durable and surprisingly soft material that worked exceedingly well for creating comfortable woven designer furniture.

The console

First up, the woven console: simple yet functional, this versatile furniture piece can be easily worked into any part of the home. Liven up your entryway by creating a naturally chic setup to invite you and your guests in. Accessorise your console table with a stack of your favourite illustrated books and a set of florals, along with a catch-all dish to keep your keys and mail neatly in one place. A stylish chair on each side will help anchor your arrangement, as well as provide a convenient spot for you to slip shoes on and off with ease.

Get the look: Lloyd Loom Brooklyn console (in-stores only)

Besides the entryway, the console table is also an excellent choice for decorating compact spaces. Thanks to its slimline silhouette, you can position this along your hallway to stylishly display pictures and finishing touches in a narrow passageway. Or, if you require a table in your petite but chic bedroom, the console is a beautiful option to use as a desk or vanity without compromising on space.

Get the look: Lloyd Loom Brooklyn console (in-stores only)

The lounger

There’s something about the way woven materials inject tranquility into a space, and add warmth through their subtle natural textures. Combine this with a design with a high wraparound back, a plush seat cushion, along with slim steel legs for a subtle contemporary contrast, and you’ve got yourself the perfect piece to unwind on. Place your lounge chair with your sofa and coffee table for a laid-back living space you and your loved ones can enjoy while staying comfortably seated. You can also style this versatile furniture piece with a simple side table in an empty corner, where you can curl up with your latest read and a cuppa on a lazy Sunday morning!

Get the look: Lloyd Loom Joe lounge chair (in-stores only) | Lloyd Loom cube stool | Splitback sofa bed | Celebes bench | Grimaud chair (in-stores only)

The chair

The beauty of a natural woven material is in its timelessness that makes it work with almost every style and space you can imagine. And, with a piece as versatile as the humble chair, incorporating this woven wonder into your home couldn’t be any easier. Keep to a classic colonial look by opting for a design with simple lines and silhouette, which pairs beautifully with a clean-edged, sophisticated solid eco-wood table for an elegant dining setting. Or for a thoroughly modern appeal, invest in a chair with details such as tapered legs, sleek curves or a distinctively dipped back, which lend an updated look and feel while retaining that casual cool vibe.

Get the look:
Top: Lloyd Loom Paul dining chair | Straight dining table
Bottom: Lloyd Loom Joe dining chair | Lloyd Loom Lily dining chair

With so many options now available on the market, the belief that woven furniture only worked for patios and outdated spaces are indeed a thing of the past. Regardless of what interior style you’ve adopted for your home or room you’re looking to refresh, there’s certainly a woven wonder that’s sure to suit your space!

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