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How to maximise vertical space with wall furniture

20 Sep 2019

Looking to fit all your desired furniture and storage within the space you have? It may seem like an impossible feat but worry not – there are a plethora of ways to maximise your space using anything but the ground beneath you. In continuation of our last post on styling a petite but chic show flat, today we share our favourite ways to make the most use of your walls.

Shelving offers an easy solution to maximise your vertical real estate: slim designs won’t weigh your room down, yet open possibilities to create additional storage on a new and blank canvas. Crafted from reclaimed solid teak wood, our Out of the Box range allows you to tap into your imagination and create a solution entirely customised to your space and needs. With a selection of modules to experiment with, you can build a stylish yet functional display to store glassware and crockery in your kitchen, or even to fill awkward gaps in your living room. For maximum impact, we suggest creating a storage solution spanning from floor to ceiling– perfect for organising documents in your home office or housing your favourite literature in the family room.

Get the look: Out of the box

For more of an industrial appeal, look for pieces that combine the warm weathered textures of reclaimed teak wood with cool iron detailing for the perfect balance between raw and refined. Our Shelfmate collection perfectly embodies this utilitarian aesthetic, with a slimline silhouette that works exceptionally well where space is at a premium. Its wooden plank visually floats in a frame positioned several centimeters away from the wall, creating a dynamic and naturally unique design that adds to its lightweight appearance.

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: Shelfmate

One of the biggest challenges small apartment dwellers face is having to make one room serve an array of purposes. That’s the beauty of multi-functional furniture: it goes beyond its traditional singular use and can transform a room in an instant, all while maintaining the look of an open space. Handcrafted from reclaimed solid teak wood with cool black iron detailing, and designed with compact homes in mind, our Tablemate collection features a retractable, double-duty design, perfect for those who want a full table without compromising on style or space. We love how it takes advantage of vertical walls to free up the floor and can be conveniently pulled down to enjoy meals or tackle work on. When the table isn’t in use, simply fold it back up, and it becomes a chic chalkboard to write to-do’s or for your little ones to doodle on. With its sister Shelfmate collection, you can create a work of functional wall art that can adapt to fit your needs.

Get the look: Tablemate (in stores only)

Here’s a TREE styling tip: a desk suspended from the wall can instantly free up your floor, meaning you’ll have a place to tuck additional cabinets underneath or ample room to move freely around while you’re seated! Our latest Simply City addition comes with a hanging mechanism and leg-free design that visually opens up your space, along with a slimline, ladder-inspired silhouette that lengthens the room and draws the eye upward. A truly functional piece that takes your space to new heights!

Get the look: Simply City hanging desk

We hope these eco-chic collections encourage you to get creative with your walls – with four blank canvases to play with, the possibilities are indeed infinite!

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