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How to keep your home clutter-free with naturally stylish storage solutions

date 16 Mar 2018

We’ve all struggled with clutter: from stacks of magazines, paperwork to miscellaneous knick knacks, there always seems to be a pile that slowly amasses in the corner of our home. As tempting as it is to sweep that mess under the bed or in the cupboard, and believe that once it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, taking a few steps to clean and organise your belongings will indeed go a long way! In today’s post, we share with you some of our favourite, naturally stylish storage solutions that are sure to keep the clutter at bay.

For many small apartment dwellers, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is fitting all the furniture you need while maintaining a seemingly spacious look. Ladders are perfect storage solutions for small spaces that don’t add to the bulk, and, with their slim and slender frame, help create the illusion of a larger room by drawing the eyes upwards. Lean your ladder against your bathroom wall as a stylish towel rack, by your armchair as a quirky magazine rack, or even in your bedroom as a chic place to hang your clothes. If you require something with additional storage functions, opt for wire baskets that can be hooked onto the ladder’s rungs, and you’ll have yourself an industrial chic piece perfect for your kitchen, home office, or even your laundry room.

Get the look: Stonemill ladder storage (in stores only)

We’ve always been a huge proponent of wooden boxes: simple in design but endlessly versatile, these home storage solutions can be used in a variety of settings, and somehow work wonderfully with every home interior. Boxes crafted from recycled teak enhance the homeliness of a farmhouse or beach cottage-inspired home, while styles with bolts and iron detailing add a cool industrial touch to your space. Use them to keep your collection of magazines, vinyl records or even potted plants beautifully displayed and neatly grouped together. Or, if you’re looking to add storage space while eliminating the clutter, opt for stackable designs that keep your belongings in order while maintaining your streamlined look.

Get the look: Dolly stackable box

Looking to make the most out of your wooden boxes? Though perfect for keeping bits and bobs neatly out of sight, they also work wonderfully when positioned on their side and stacked atop each other, giving way to a completely customised shelf. Not only do slatted crates carry a naturally rustic appeal that add plenty of texture and dimension to your space, but they also provide a beautiful backdrop without detracting attention away from your curated display of finishing touches. Whether it’s a tall shelving unit to house your collection of kitchenware or a miniature bookcase for your kid’s bedroom, wooden boxes can be rearranged to suit any room and need, and are easy to move if you need to relocate!

Get the look: Crate storage boxes | Ceramic kitchenware (in stores only)

We love how woven baskets effortlessly soften any room, and at the same time, provide a chic hiding spot to keep any unsightly belongings. But if you live in a petite space and are concerned additional baskets may create an even more cluttered look, consider designs that come with individualised compartments. Whether you’re looking to organise your accessories, toys, or other household items, sectioned baskets are perfect storage solutions for small spaces that enable you to separate your essentials into specific categories, as well as give you peace of mind knowing where everything exactly is. Placing your woven finishing touches on top of your wardrobe or neatly tucked under the bed will minimise the amount of floor space that is taken up, so that you can maintain that roomy look and feel.

Get the look: Woven basket (in stores only)

We hope with these simple home storage ideas will inspire you to clear the clutter in your home!

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