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How to gift guilt-free this Christmas

13 Dec 2019

Nothing beats spreading holiday cheer like gifting your loved ones with thoughtful presents, but with the shift towards conscious consumerism, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how our purchases impact our environment. We’re starting to invest in products that are made to last, and also align with our values on sustainability and social responsibility. Indeed, it’s no longer just about what sentimental value the gift has to your recipient, but also what it means for our planet.

In today’s bLOG, we share our tips and tricks on what to consider when shopping for presents this Christmas, as well as some of our favourite guilt-free ideas to gift to your loved ones – and Mother Nature.

Consider how it’s made

As you’re hunting for a conscious, sustainable gift this year, we encourage you to look into the life cycle of the product, from the materials used, its manufacturing process to who crafted your selected piece. Consider items that are made from natural, renewable resources such as solid wood which, when harvested sustainably, can offer an array of environmental benefits that aren’t present in the production of man-made materials.

At TREE, we love working with wood for a multitude of reasons: its natural aesthetic that effortlessly grounds a space; its ability to store carbon dioxide and help mitigate climate change; and of course, its incredible durability that ensures that you can enjoy your piece for many years to come.

Many of our reclaimed teak pieces are crafted from wood that is salvaged from old Indonesian houses, fishing boats and railway sleepers, which preserves our natural resources and reduces the need for new unsustainable logging. Once sourced, the reclaimed teak is then brought back for production, where local carpenters apply their traditional know-how in giving old timber a new lease of life. The result is a range of beautifully handcrafted, highly individual pieces, all made with green production practices each with a unique story to tell.

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Alongside reclaimed teak, we also offer pieces crafted from wood that is FSC-certified, a globally reputed forest certification system that ensures that the timber is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. With these vigorous sustainability standards being met, you can rest assured that your FSC-certified piece is made with quality materials that protects and preserves the world’s forests, and thus maintains the benefits they bring to its biodiversity and local communities.

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Support local artisans through handmade crafts

While handcrafted pieces (such as our terracotta vases) are made with natural and sustainable materials, they also make for meaningful presents that empower artists and enable them to support their communities and keep their traditions alive. There’s something special in knowing that the gift you picked for your loved one was carefully designed and laboriously created by local craftsmen, whose skills have been honed over generations and are clearly reflected in their workmanship. Artisanal crafts will always feature variations like a slight indentation or an accidental paint stroke, but it’s these details that make them individual in their own right, ensure no two pieces are alike, and make them a truly unique gift.

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Gift items that are recycled (and can be recycled over again!)

We’re all about presents that are lovingly crafted from sustainable materials, but we’re even bigger proponents of gifting pieces that can be used and recycled in your home in an array of different ways!

Our hand-blown, artisanal glass votives are crafted using a blend of hand blown techniques, giving way to slight variances and bubbles that add to the character of each piece. While we like to style them as tea light holders in our showroom, there are an infinite number of ways these eco-chic finishing touches can be used around the home. Whether your recipient decides to style them as mini flower votives, a container to keep jewellery, or even as functional small drinking glasses, these make for the perfect sustainable gift that can be used over and over again.

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Understand their interests and hobbies

When shopping for the perfect sustainable gift for friends and family, it’s important to consider what they like and how this piece can be incorporated into their day-to-day or hobbies. If your friend enjoys having guests over for movie nights, then a set of platters will provide them with naturally stylish pieces to serve light bites on. Or, for the book lover in your life, consider gifting a one-of-a-kind, naturally stylish book end to keep their favourite literature upright and beautifully displayed in their home.

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We hope that our guide has given you a few tips and tricks to consider as you shop for the perfect sustainable gift for your loved one. Whether you scope out an FSC-certified piece or an artisanal design, we’re certain you’ll find a naturally stylish, guilt-free piece that carries a meaningful story and gives back to our planet in incredible ways!

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