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How to create a calm, harmonising abode with Feng Shui

date 04 Aug 2017

There’s something about the way a home elicits feelings of safety, comfort and belonging. As a space we return to unwind after a long, restless day, it’s important our abode provides a calm atmosphere for us to recharge and clear our mind. In today’s post, we delve into the world of Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese philosophy that studies the spatial arrangement of objects and its influence on the flow of energy (or chi), which in turn can affect our mood and well-being. From repositioning your furniture to adding zen décor pieces, we’ve rounded up some basic practices you can easily incorporate to your rooms to create a happy, tranquil and harmonised home.

Prep and prime

While there are a plethora of principles in this age-old art, one of the fundamental cures to promoting Feng Shui is having a clean and clutter-free home. An accumulation of objects can block pathways of good energy flow, which in turn can influence on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. A clear space means a clear mind, so try to eliminate any clutter by keeping your essentials neatly stored away and throwing out any old paperwork, clothes and books.

Light and air are two strong natural elements that facilitate the flow of positive energy, so also be sure to welcome these into your home! Draw back your curtains to let daylight in, open the windows from time to time, and keep some potted plants at home to help purify the air.

We’ve done a previous bLOG post that touches on how to store in style and refresh your home, which you can read up on here if you haven’t already!

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Your home office

The home office is where you create some of your best work, so it’s essential you create a calm yet inspirational area that fosters clear thinking, productivity and success. If space permits, place your desk and chair in a position that provides a clear view of your entire room. This “position of command” symbolises the control you have over your business life, as well as opens you up to receive any opportunities. If you need to station your desk against a wall, place a mirror nearby to reflect the entrance, so that you are still aware of anything that comes your way.

Offices are typically thought of as uninspiring, but it is possible to create a naturally chic workspace – one that might even entice you to stay at your desk! Of the five elements in Feng Shui, wood represents growth and inspiration, and lends a calm and creative aesthetic that’s perfect for the home office. An eco-wood solid desk with a simple silhouette provides a naturally stunning surface to work on, while adding to the zen ambience of your space.

Money trees are another common Feng Shui cure that is often integrated into a space to increase growth and abundance. While these luscious plants are typically positioned in an office to attract prosperity and good fortune to one’s business, they can also be placed in other parts of the home, such as in the kitchen to promote health. Regardless of whether you’re looking to improve your financial situation or physical well-being, money trees are a natural piece of zen décor that’s sure to add a bit of life and vitality back into your space.

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Your living room

For many Hong Kong residences, the living room is one of the first areas you come across upon entering a home. From entertaining, socialising to relaxing, it’s the part of your abode where your most memorable moments take place, and should therefore be a warm, inviting room that brings harmony and happiness to all your loved ones.

Once you have done all the preliminary work of decluttering your living room, it’s time to focus on the arrangement of your larger-sized furniture pieces. Much like in your office space, the sofa should face the entrance of your home for that position of command, but sit clear from any pathways as it could obstruct the flow of good energy. It’s also common practice to have the back of your sofa lined up against a wall, which provides a sense of security and avoids instability in all aspects of one’s life. If you do prefer to have your couch sitting in the middle of the room, opt for a console table to place behind it to strip away any feelings of vulnerability.

With plenty of social interaction taking place in the living room, it’s essential you create a seating arrangement that is conducive to conversation. An armchair or two provides ample seating for guests to comfortably spread themselves out, and can be positioned around a coffee table to create an intimate and relaxed setting perfect for chatting with friends and family. While you do want your seats to be relatively close to each other, do ensure there is enough space to move around and allow good energy to flow through.

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Your bedroom

As the place you begin and end your day in, the bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary that enables you to retreat and rejuvenate from the daily stresses you face at work or school. When selecting a bed frame, opt for a piece that has a solid headboard – it provides a sense of security and support while you’re in a restful state of slumber, and also surrounds you with any good chi that comes your way.

For positioning, avoid putting your bed frame in direct line with the door, as the energy that flows through may be disruptive to your sleep and health. Invest in two nightstands to place on each side of your bed – while this is an additional symbol of security that surrounds you during your sleep, it also represents harmony in intimate relationships. If you live in a petite-but-chic home where fitting two bedside tables might be a challenge, fret not! You can still create a serene, balanced setting by mounting on two space-saving wall shelves on each side of the bed, or even a set of wall lamps.

Complete the look of your sleeping nest by layering on some zen décor. Opt for throw cushions in warm, earthy tones – the perfect muted palette for adding a slight hue to your room while maintaining a tranquil, inviting and cosy ambience. And, for a final tip, try to keep your bedroom free from electronics! As tempting as it is to keep your phone with you at all times, the bedroom is a space for rest, and provides the perfect opportunity to retreat from the world and enjoy some downtime.

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A happy home brings a happy mind – with a little rejigging of your furniture and an additional few finishing touches, your abode is sure to be in a peaceful, balanced state that’s sure to put you at ease as you comfortably rest and recharge!

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