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How to add layers of texture to your home with natural décor

date 02 Nov 2017

Ever wondered how to achieve the same stylish yet effortlessly pulled-together look you see in those inspirational spaces on Instagram? In today’s bLOG post, we explore the art of layering, as well as the different ways you can add texture to your space to create that homely, multi-dimensional look and turn a house into your home.

Wooden it be nice

When it comes to textures, there’s no better source to turn to than Mother Nature. Solid eco-wood provides plenty of textural interest through its myriad of stunning surfaces, and is a natural décor style that works with a wide array of interiors. If you have a penchant for rustic designs, opt for reclaimed solid wood, which embraces its organic edges, natural markings and rough finishes for a truly characterful piece. You can even find pieces that have hand-painted detail for an instantly textured, unique look. And if clean and contemporary styles are more up your alley, opt for furniture made from sustainably sourced, machine-crafted wood, for a sophisticated and uniform look that still adds plenty of dimension through the distinctive wood grains seamlessly flowing across each panel. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to have a characterful foundation that you can build off of with decorative trays, vases, potted plants and coffee books, to complete a beautifully layered interior.

Get the look:
Top: Natural dining table (in-stores only)
Bottom: Solo set of two nesting tables

Take a seat

Whether it’s in the dining room, living room or bedroom, seating is without a doubt an essential to any room, and gives you an opportunity to seamlessly weave colour and texture into your space for a lovingly layered look. Keep your space light, airy and harmonious with linen or cotton in soft neutrals, which can be easily matched with a statement-making coffee table and original finishing touches. If you want your upholstered seat to be the focal point of your room, consider a velvet option in bold jewel tones, which is sure to lend a sense of luxuriousness (and drama!) to your space.

While there is indeed an abundance of fabrics to choose from, each varies in textural weight and durability, and is something to consider when selecting an option that best suits your style and lifestyle habits. Linen has a loose weave that allows it to beautifully drape over your piece; if you want to incorporate this airy fabric into your space but have kids or pets at home, consider a linen blend, or fabrics with a tighter weave like wool that are more resistant to pilling. You may also want to consider polyester blends or other synthetic fabrics – highly durable and easy to clean, making this an excellent choice for those living in a home where small accidents often occur!

Get the look: Bijou sofa

For occasional stools and chairs, experiment with eye-catching materials that work well on a smaller surface area. A round rattan woven upholstered stool can add a much needed touch of interest if added into a living space setting where rectangular shapes or smoother, more subtle textures take centre stage.

Get the look: Raffia woven stools (in-stores only)

Staying grounded

They say great buildings are constructed on strong foundations, and the same sentiment goes for creating texture from the ground up. While we do adore the polished looks that wooden, tile and marble surfaces lend, there’s something about the way a rug provides instant warmth to a room, a tactile appeal as well as a pop of colour. Handwoven rugs crafted from natural fibers like abaca or seagrass feature thick and tightly woven braids that add a rich, earthy element, and the neutral tones make this eco-chic option work seamlessly in any interior.

Get the look: Round seagrass rug | Bianca chair (in-stores only)

Meanwhile, vintage carpets, defined by their intricate motifs and distressed detailing, will lend a luxe and lived-in look to your home. For a chic update, opt for a piece that has been gently re-dyed in rich, vibrant tones, which adds a contemporary twist while retaining an antique charm.

Get the look:
Vintage carpets (in-stores only)

Fallen in love with a rug that’s a tad too small for your chosen area? Fret not – you can still make it work for your home. Layer smaller rugs over one another to create a larger arrangement - but be sure that each piece shares a common colour to tie everything together. The result is an eclectic, bohemian-chic look that perfectly fits your space, and is totally on-trend!

Finishing touches

Add a final layer of dimension with a selection of beautifully handcrafted finishing touches. For an interesting take on adding texture at height, opt for a rattan lamp shade with an open weave which will create a lightweight look. Its feathery, unwoven ends add a softness and stunning focal point, and cast alluring shadows on your ceiling and walls when illuminated.

Get the look: Rattan woven lamp shades, in-stores only

Another natural decorating idea is to invest in a selection of handwoven baskets – a brilliant storage solution that effortlessly adds texture to the home while keeping your space clutter-free. Opt for a variety of sizes, shapes and weave thickness to create natural character and an eclectic mix-and-matched look.

Get the look: Woven baskets, in-stores only

If your shelves or table tops are looking a little bare, texturise those blank canvases with natural décor such as handcrafted terracotta ceramics. Group together an assortment of pots and vessels that vary in height and design, to create an impactful display that’s stunning even without flowers!

Get the look: Terracotta ceramics | Woven iron décor vases (in-stores only)

Pattern on

Texture doesn’t always have to be three dimensional. If you prefer to keep your décor to a minimum, bring your personality to your walls instead with statement-making patterned wallpaper. Whether you prefer the ethereal look of a floral motif or the boldness of a geometric print, patterned wallpaper is a brilliant way to add plenty of interest and depth to your space. Do consider how your selected print works with the rest of the pieces in your room. If you’ve decided to create an accent wall, opt for neutral-toned furniture to make your wallpaper really stand out. Or, for an eclectic and playful vibe, incorporate bold hues and prints throughout, ensuring there’s a common colour woven through each piece to avoid a haphazard look.

We hope some of these natural decorating ideas inspire you to play with textures and create that lovingly layered look in your own home!

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