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Get to Work – in Style!

27 Oct 2016

With autumn officially here, but with the festive hosting season still a little way off, now is a great time to revamp your home work space to create a beautiful, creative area that inspires your very best, whether it's an office for the grown ups or a studious place for kids to focus on their homework.

Here are three looks that we love for creating an eco-chic work space...

1. Industrial Chic

This on-trend look is perfect for those looking for a bit of edge to their study space.

To recreate this look in your own home, contrasts are key. Pair warm, solid reclaimed teak wood (preferably with raw, unfinished surfaces) with cool, smooth metals. We love pieces made with real, recycled metal pipes to give that exposed, downtown warehouse feel. This look is all about authenticity, so be sure to mix and match different natural textures, such as a metal chair, a woven basket in place of a rubbish bin, and of course a plant or two, to give your space a cool urban oasis vibe. Don’t forget to add a cork board to keep your space organised (or a cork wall if you are feeling ambitious!).

Get the look: Kasting desk | Dinky dining chair | Kasting open rack

2. Classic Collective

A classic study never goes out of style! Create a timeless look for your home office with clean lines and pops of unique details to keep it modern and full of interest!

It all starts with the desk: choose the desk that is right for your work habits. If your work has a tendency to “spread out” before you, choose a desk with a large, uncluttered surface. If you prefer an organised space where everything has its own place, opt for a desk with lots of little drawers, nooks, and crannies.

Storage is always a must for keeping your work space neat and tidy, but classic style doesn’t mean that your storage has to be boring! Choose a rack with lots of geometric lines that will give you plenty of room to house books and files, as well as inviting the addition of your favourite finishing touches and even some fresh and inspiring greenery.

Get the look: Hemingway desk | Ova dining chair | M multi rack

3. Too Cool for School

According to a study by the American Society of Interior Designers, good workspace design can increase productivity and creativity, as well as making it an enjoyable place you actually want to spend time in. And when it comes to their teenager, most parents would agree that it is never too early to begin.

Teens are notoriously picky, but with the right elements, you can create a stylish design that that they will actually want to work in! We love using durable solid woods, such as teak, which is timeless and will grow with your teen through school years, to university and beyond.

Start with a sleek desk with simple, straight lines – avoid anything that is too clunky and corporate in style. Much of your teen’s time will be spent at this desk (hopefully!) doing homework, so invest in a chair that is both trendy and comfortable. We love the look of our Slant chair (available in stores), crafted in eco-teak with cool black fabric upholstery, its back slightly angled for comfort atop slim legs for a contemporary look. Avoid large executive chairs or stiff, straight back chairs – you want to create an easy, relaxed look that says, “I’m cool without trying to be.” One of the most important things you can give your teen is a space where they can store and organising their own things. Try an edgy rack or sideboard – something with a mix of open and closed spaces to give them a sense of privacy, while providing places for them to display their prized possessions.

A few choice pieces in cool, contemporary styles is all it takes to create a comfortable study space to please even the pickiest teen!

Get this look: Wave desk | Nordic sideboard (see similar here)

From our heart to your sustainably stylish work space, see you next week!

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