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Design ideas for your small but chic apartment

22 Mar 2017

Anyone who lives in an urban apartment will understand the struggle of creating a comfortably spacious home in a limited environment. While the pared back look of minimalist furniture works perfectly for small apartments, there’s still plenty of room to express your creative side! Read below for our top tips for opening more space in your chic but petite home.

1. Bring in the light

If your space is petite, you’ve got to let the light in (or maximise whatever natural light you have) – one of the simplest tricks to emphasise the feeling of an open space. Mirrors – whether large or small, leaning or hanging – can instantly brighten up a room when placed across from a window, reflecting the sunlight right into your home. In addition to amplifying a natural glow, this also creates the illusion of more space in your apartment.

Get the look
: Fissure mirror | Vintage mirror | Utilitile mirror

As reflectors of natural light, lighter hues are a quick and easy way to instantly brighten your space. Furniture pieces in solid, sustainable oak that feature light and creamy tones add a sense of airiness to a smaller room, while creating a calm and relaxing abode for you to unwind in.

Get the look: Sophisticated wall shelves | Straight bench (in stores only) | Wave desk | Slant dining chair

2. Shelving is your friend

If your petite home doesn’t have sufficient space for all of your belongings, why not work with your walls? Shelves in slimline designs are a brilliant storage solution to keep your bits and bobs in order without weighing your room down. By maximising vertical space with naturally stunning shelves, you can open up your floor for better movement through a small room. Not only will your apartment appear to have more space, but your finishing touches will be beautifully displayed. To really make use of your petite home, look for double duty pieces such as a shelf with an integrated desk – a compact but chic piece that’ll keep your favourite literature within easy reach!

Get the look: Simply City ladder shelves | Simply City ladder with drawer desk & niche

When it comes to storage in a small space, versatility is key. Box modules in varying configurations and sizes give you the flexibility to create a storage solution that’s perfectly tailored to fit your petite space and needs. Whether it’s to house your collection of books or to display finishing touches, having a stylish, sophisticated storage rack can turn a cluttered area into a clean and inviting space for any gathering.

Get the look: Out of the box

3. Design for movement

When outfitting your petite apartment, it’s important to invest in lightweight designs that are easy to move around, and can be tucked away when not in use. Nesting tables do just the trick – not only do they provide extra space for guests to place drinks during cocktail hour, but also add a naturally stunning, layered look to your home when tucked back in place.

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: Solo nesting tables

Stools are another naturally chic, compact solution, allowing more space for movement around a room, and they can be easily tucked under the table when not in use. The same can be said for benches, which offer a casual, communal setting for gathering around your naturally stylish table.

Get the look: Twist stool | Vintage bench

4. All about balance

When working with a small apartment, you want to create a clean, open, and bright space that offers an inviting environment for you and your guests. If you’re looking to amplify the design of your home into a naturally spacious area to relax and play, try reflecting symmetry in your furniture. For a well-balanced room, opt for furniture pieces that are even in size and number, and are placed around a centre point with clean, simple lines.

While a harmoniously balanced room can have several focal points, your symmetrical layout should also have enough space between each furniture piece for you and your guests to move freely around the room. Understated, unfussy furniture designs won’t make a room feel busy and will give an impression of a comfortable, roomy and relaxing environment.

Get the look: Straight dining table | Danico dining chairs

5. Create a room divider

Looking to divide your small studio apartment without having to build a wall? Opt for a slimline partition to section off an area of your flat, creating two naturally chic rooms in one! This multifunctional piece also provides an extra place to hang clothing and store your knick knacks. With their lightweight design, partitions are an excellent option for those who love to change up their décor on a whim, while allowing natural light to shine through to retain the look of an open, airy space. P.S. - there's lots of choices out there for a chic, multi-purpose room divider, so it's worth considering which design will best suit your space and lifestyle.

Get the look
: Simple City partition with mirror & shelf (see similar)

So while your studio or one-bedroom apartment may not offer a lot of room to work with, that doesn’t mean it has to cramp your style! We hope that with the help of our top décor tips, your small space will transform into cosy, petite but chic space you’ll be proud to call your home.

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