living room

kick back, relax

living room

put your feet up and unwind after a long, hard day. need some living room inspiration? discover our room design guide here

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dune multi rack with 2 doors, 7 open shelves

HK$7,170.00 HK$11,950.00
I'm 40% off

marble two-tone tray - rectangular

HK$395.00 options available

curio mahogany organic sculpture

HK$1,240.00 HK$1,550.00
I'm 20% off

monochromatic embroidered cushion

HK$716.00 HK$895.00
I'm 20% off

soho bookrack with 8 shelves

HK$7,770.00 HK$12,950.00
I'm 40% off

ceramic daffodil candle holder

HK$197.50 HK$395.00 options available
I'm 50% off

terracotta organic tall vase

HK$222.50 HK$445.00
I'm 50% off

aruba 2 seater sofa

HK$9,560.00 HK$11,950.00 options available
I'm 20% off

twofold 2 seater sofa bed

HK$10,950.00 options available
I'm 25% off

out of the box open box - medium

HK$1,050.00 HK$1,750.00 options available
I'm 40% off

east stool - round

HK$1,560.00 HK$1,950.00
I'm 20% off

roots cupboard with 2 doors

HK$13,950.00 options available

lava coffee table - round

HK$4,025.00 HK$5,750.00 options available
I'm 30% off
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